Annie's 1st Birthday Shenanigans

Oh what a fun first birthday our Annie girl had!  I still am in disbelief that she is actually ONE.  I cannot believe it.  This year seriously FLEW by and I swear I just had her yesterday and now we spent the day celebrating her turning ONE.

Annie got an early wake-up call this morning and she wasn't having it.  HAHA!  So typical.  No one in our house likes to be woken up nor likes to be woken up before the sun's up.  She's so funny.

Once I got her up and fed (we made it to a year of breastfeeding! WOOOOOOOT!) we took a few quick birthday pics in her taco shirt, cause, duh, I don't miss an opportunity for photo takings! 

We then headed out to my mom's house where she spends Wednesdays with KiKi.

Annie got to help NeeNee cook some birthday pancakes and she really enjoyed that.  Not pictured was her dunking her entire hand in pancake batter. HAHA!

After school we got Mike up and Annie (read: Patrick and Rosie) got to open her presents!  She got some new clothes, Zoe the unicorn, a bike helmet, a new interactive book, and some other fun blocks and play food!  I think the big kids were more excited than she was.  HAHA!

We then headed out to Happy Joe's for dinner...our usual birthday dinner joint.  My mom and brother Charlie met us there.

Annie much enjoyed the pizza and Happy Joe's atmosphere! 

I know this post is all about Annie, but I HAD to share this video of Rosie and the cheese! OMG I've watched it so many times and it KILLS ME every.single.time.

That girl is livin' her own life and we're just spectators.  Gosh she's so funny!

Anyways, once we got home I snapped a few pics of the supermoon...

And then the big kids got a bath and Annie did too, but they got out cause they wanted to watch Spiderman, so Annie got some solo bathtime tonight!  And she really enjoyed it! ...until it was time to get out.  So much drama with these girls of mine! HAHA!

Oh our sweet Annie girl!  What a year you've had!  It truly did fly by in an instant but I wouldn't change it for the world!

We said goodnight tonight (complete with her new unicorn!) to our big one year old!  Annie Mooney, we love you so much!  You are the piece that was missing to our family and we love having you here with us!

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