Smooches for Wednesday!

Before I left for work this morning I snapped a few pics of Annie and Scoots...and, really there is absolutely no point to this post other than a gigantic photo dump!  Isn’t that exciting??!??!

I mean, how cute are they together??!

And while I’ve got you here...I CAN NOT believe Annie will be ONE a week from today.  Seriously, the fastest year EVER!!!!! It has absolutely FLOWN by and I just cannot believe come next week I’ll had a toddler and no more baby! GAH!  I will be blowing you up next week with oodles of posts about that I’m sure.  I’m making a mental note now to take her first birthday snaps in the front yard (like I did with the other 2!) and start getting her 12 month blog post together.  We have her first birthday party (a taco fiesta!) this weekend and I spent last night cleaning the basement and getting ready for that.  Just doing a low-key family and a few friends event.  I'm so over birthday season and it hasn't even started yet! HAHA!

Anyways, I hope you've enjoyed this Scooter and Annie photo dump for today!

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