Squad Goals

Okay guys, I've found a new brand I'm obsessed with...and I know I've posted about it here before but dang nabit I'm gonna share it again...


These clothes are so darn cute (and handmade!) and gah I can't get enough of them!  This one came in earlier this week for Patrick and I was DYINGGGGG over it.

SQUAD GOALS!! How freaking perfect is that?!??!  It might be my favorite shirt we've got from them thus far.  Cop friends: snag it here

This STL arch one is pretty freaking amazing too.  I just LOOOOOVE these designs so much!

Okay!  Moving on!  

So my squad got some much needed outdoorsy time yesterday with the heat wave of 40+ degrees that came through.  For being below freezing for like the past month this was such a welcomed treat!

They had a blast and it was such a needed treat to break up the cabin fever we've been feeling lately!  And I'm pretty sure poor Annie will have an ER visit sometime in her future because lawdddddd the stuff they put her through!  She's gonna be tough as nails though.

Speaking of Annie...

Girlfriend is rockin' a legit mullet these days and it's kind of amazing and I love it.  She could be an 80s baby in a former life :) 

Since it was nice out I remembered I did this ^^^ same kind of pic with the older two so I found the police hat, saddled Annie and Scoots up and I snapped away!

GAH! PERFECTION!  And Scoots is a terrible driver BTW.  I do like that I clearly took this pic of Annie at a different time of day and season.  Haha. Oh well.

And I'll end with a few snaps of Ro by Goose's window looking oh-so-cute in her donut dress she got for Christmas!

Have a great weekend friends!!!

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