Gah!  Currently sitting at 0F with a windchill of -18. BRRRR barely describes what I'm feeling.  I cranked up the heat just as I got up a bit ago because our house feels like 40 instead of the 75 it's set at.

Me ^^^ when I have to go outside in the sub-zero temperatures.

And SO MANY SCHOOLS were off today but fortunately we were not and neither were the kiddos.  I usually am ALL ABOUT snow days, but I'm actually glad because we have a huge yearbook deadline today and I am anxious to get everything submitted for it!

Anywhooooo, it was a COLD weekend 'round these parts...and a long one at that with everyone off for MLK day yesterday.  I posted on Saturday how we were having a bit of cabin fever, and that kinda was the vibe most of the weekend!

I had a couple photoshoots this weekend (these brave souls and their outdoor maternity snaps on Saturday) and then a 1st birthday party on Sunday, and then a newborn on Monday!  So I was busy...both other than that, we didn't do too much!

I mean, as has been my jam lately, I have been crazily snappin' candid and lifestyle pics of my kiddos.  I cannot get enough!  I mean, I did just get a new lens that I keep wanting to snap and snap some more with...but I get giddy to get home and just capture them in their elements...I know I'm doing my 365 project this year with that candid theme, but golly I can't stop clicking them!  I actually published a new blog post on my photog blog earlier alllll about this!

So these pictures I took of Rosie playing at her craft table...and gah, they give me goosebumps.  That's Goose's window behind her...we call it that because that's her stained glass from her house in the window, and she also bought us these shutters as a housewarming gift and whenever I see that sun flare through them I just KNOW it's Goose smiling down on us saying hey, and that she's watching over.  Golly I miss her so much.

We had a little dusting of snow and Scoots got a few snaps with it.  He LOVED it. #not

We did break up a bit of the cabin fever monotony by hitting up the pool for a late Monday afternoon swim yesterday, and it was exactly what the kiddos needed.

They had a BLAST.  Annie just toodled around the baby pool, not really sure where to go or what to do, but the big kids had a blast playing in the waves and going down the slide (Patrick) a billion times.  It was a great afternoon.

All in all, although a low-key weekend, it definitely was a good one!  I enjoyed snappin' some new faces and getting lots of playtime with my kiddos!

Stay warm's an adorable little video of Rosie lovin' on Annie in the pool to get you through this chilly Tuesday!

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