Annie at 5 Months

Our sweet little Annie girl is FIVE whole months old today!  I cannot believe it -- and I cannot believe I only have one more month off before I go back to work August 1st! EEKKK!  When Annie turns half a year I'll be back workin' with no more maternity leave in sight or vacation until Christmas.  UGH.  But!  Let's not think about that and think about how adorable Annie is at 5 months old!

Still our little peanut :) -- so much smaller at 5 months than her big siblings and I kinda love it; we're getting so much wear and use out of clothes!

Annie turned 21 weeks old this past Tuesday and is still going so strong in her 52 weeks of June & January outfit pics too. Woot!  And I sooooo loved her #tbt snaps from week 20 too.

Annie doesn't go back to the doc until 6 months, so you are left with my mom stats until we head back to the doc for her next checkup.  Lucky you!

  • Annie weighs 16 pounds and 6 ounces -- up about a pound and a half since 4 months old!  She recently moved up to 9 month clothes because her 6 month ones were a bit snug.  She still fits into 0/6 June & January clothes though since a lot of those tend to run big. 
  • SHE ROLLED OVER!  Since she's a little peanut I think she has an easier time moving that her big (literally!) sister did at this age.  She still prefers her back and likes to flop over from her belly onto her back whenever she can.  However, she will roll over from back to belly as well too so she is sort of? on the move!  I bet she'll really be rolling all over the place in no time.
  • An incredible sleeper still -- I've yet to have a kid experience this '4 month sleep regression' and Annie is still snoozing about 13+ hours a night.  She goes down around 7:30/8pm and sleeps until 8:30/9am the next morning.  I usually don't hear a peep out of her and I go in and wake her up cause we have stuff to lord knows how long she'd actually sleep for!
  • She takes one nap a day, usually in the 3ish hour (give or take an hour) range.  She typically goes down for her afternoon siesta around 12:30/1pm and sleeps until 3:30/4pm.  She is a happy little lady and goes down wide awake at both nap and bed time and does so without a peep, and wakes up super happy and chatty!
  • We ditched the cloth diapers for overnight -- they were working okay but she'd still be wet on her back a bit and that was annoying, so we sized up to size 3 disposables for overnight and yay for that cause not one leak (even in 13+ hours of wear) she's had thus far!  She still wears size 1 Applecheeks cloth diapers during the day though and she's still got some room left in those.
  • LOVES to giggle and smile, especially at her big brother and sister!  Her little giggle is the cutest thing ever and it makes my heart happy to hear!
  • Still just eats breastmilk...we'll start THINKING about introducing solids in another month, but we waited so long with Rosie and that worked out I'm hoping to do the same with Annie!  Since I've been home she just nurses all day long, but if I'm gone or Mike had I have a rare night out she usually takes between 6-9 ounces in one sitting.  Girlfriend likes to eat!
  • Is 100% a third child -- she has been our easiest baby yet; is so easy-going, happy, and just chill and go with the flow all of the time.  It's kind of awesome :) 
  • Very much still a thumb sucker (especially when she's tired) and I don't think that's going to be stopping any time soon!
  • No teeth just yet...both of the older two got teeth right before they turned 6 months old, so we'll see if Annie follows suit and gets some toothies this month too!
  • Still holds her head up really well and I've been practicing sitting up with her (on the ground and holding her back) too -- both of the other kids were sitting up on their own by 6 months so I'm hoping Annie is close to doing that too (cause I LOVE that stage where they can sit up but aren't moving all over yet! -- plus it's better for pictures too!).
  • Likes to be worn in the Tula or ring sling and is happy as a little clam in there.  Usually falls asleep when she's being worn and likes to suck on the straps of the Tula.
  • Has gone 'swimming' several times and seems to like it!  She loves bath time and splashing and kicking so it's no surprise she likes the pool too.
Now your {my} favorites: comparison snaps!

And here's Annie from just hatched through 5 months old...

Welp folks, that's about all I've got for miss Annie at 5 months old!  I cannot believe how fast time is flyin' and when I'm blogging about her 6 month post I'll be getting ready to go back to school! WAHHH!  Time, why must you go by so quickly?!  Anyways, until month 6 friends, adios!

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