MOT Tuesday

Ahhhh, what a fun morning we had at the Museum of Transportation!  We were going to go to the pool, however, when we woke up it was only 65 degrees outside and we thought that was going to be a little too chilly for the pool so we decided to go to the MOT instead!  We hadn't been in a while so the kids were excited and ready to ride the train and see all of the cars and trains they had on display too!

Oh, and did I mention Mike is off until next Tuesday?!! He's on vacay!  We are SO EXCITED to have him home with us this week and weekend.  Lots of fun activities are gonna be happenin' and coming your way! WOOT!

Before we left I snapped a pic of all of the kids in their June & January freaking cute are they?!

Oh and Annie is 21 weeks old today (she'll be 5 months old on Friday!) and a year ago today we saw her on the ultrasound for the first time too at 7 weeks so I had to do a 7 weeks 6/27/16 pic vs. 21 weeks 6/27/17 pic comparison for ya too :)

Okay!  So!  Off to the museum we went!  First off, let me add a disclaimer: we took a LOT of pictures at the museum and a LOT on the tracks. I NEVER do train track pictures (if any client requests it) because it's dangerous and illegal.  However, we were at a museum in these pics on NON-ACTIVE tracks and it was 100% okay to take pics on them and walk on them.  I feel like I have to post this disclaimer any time I post these track pics FROM THE MUSEUM letting people know that it was okay and safe and totally acceptable to do.

First thing we did once we got there was ride the train -- instant happiness for all of the kids, Annie included as she was snug as a bug in a rug in the Tula.  I was actually shocked we got a semi-decent family selfie on the train!  WOOT!

I snapped just a handful of pics of Annie today since she was all cozy on Mike in the Tula so I'm dumping them on you here now because the rest of the pics Patrick pretty much took over :)

Patrick got to yell "ALL ABOARD!!" during our first train ride and he was SO EXCITED and loved it SO MUCH.

After we rode the train a couple times we went up top and went to find Mike's favorite train, the Big Boy, and check out all of the other trains they had there too.  Patrick was in his element and honestly was so excited to see all of the trains and running all over the place we kept telling him to slow down and wait for us which he LOVED hearing.  Just kidding.

I was shocked I even got these snaps with how fast he was running!  Haha!  But I love how vintage-y they look and how much fun you can tell he was having at the Museum.

Patrick (and Mike's too!) favorite part today was the Big Boy.  He kept wanting to run up in it and play with all of the controls and poke his head out of the window.  It was the cutest thing ever.  Once Rosie got over her fear of heights and sensory issues with the metal grate floors, she had a blast playing up in the conductor's cabin too!

We then toured a few more train cars (well, Patrick raced through them, Mike and I tried to tour and walk through but easier said than done with 3 kids 4 and under! haha!) before we went inside to see the cars.

We saw a Mustang and Mike wanted to snap a pic to send to Kate of the kids in front of it and OMG.  I.was.dying.  Look at their poses, especially Rosie!  I couldn't stop laughing.  So much sass in that little girl.  I can't handle it!!!

We decided to head back and ride the train one more time before we headed home for lunch and siestas.

Patrick got to ride the pedal cars before we left and he LOVED that -- he was much better at driving them than a year ago when he last tried.  Funny how much difference a year can make, huh?!

Anyways, we had a wonderful morning -- the weather was AMAZING, the kids were relatively well-behaved, and I am so happy I brought my big camera to capture our day.  We loooooove having Mike home and awake during the day to go do fun adventures with we're hopefully gonna have oodles of more fun this week taking advantage of him being home!  That's all I've got for today friends...have a good one!!

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