Twilight Minis

So Mike geniusly came up with this idea...

Such a good idea, right?!  We have this amazing path and old fence right by our house and I always snap pics of the kids there during that 'golden hour' (right before sunset) and Mike came up with the idea to offer this to other people!  Call them 'twilight minis' and OMG I loved it so much.  I came up with pricing and a poster and whipped it up and CANNOT WAIT to start snappin' these!  I already have about 5 booked and can't wait for more!

Anyways, tonight I had Ro go out with me during this time to snap a few so I could see what settings I like best.

She was oh-so-cooperative, which is hit or miss with her these days.  I told her we needed to take the bandaid off of her leg but she protested so I didn't push it -- I'd rather get some cute snaps of her than fight the bandaid battle.  Plus, it adds that little bit of toddler-ness to the pics, don't ya think?!

These are just some of my favorites...I don't want to admit how many pics in 15 minutes I actually took of her tonight! EEKKKK!

Anyways, I am SO EXCITED for these and to snap them hopefully through the fall!  I love this location (biased, I know!) and I just know others will too.  I'm sure I'll have oodles of more path pics with my own kids I'll be sharing all summer long too -- lucky you!!  Have a good one friends :)

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