It is officially summer and I could not be any more excited about it!  I am DONE with work until August, and minus an online class, I am not going to think about work or school for 2 months!  BRING ON THE SUMMER FUN!

 We did hit up the pool earlier this week and it was a blast -- the kids are probably going to have their second home there and those tan lines on Rosie I'm sure will just get even darker as the summer wears on.  This is a new (to us!) pool this summer since we have a membership there and I love it -- the kid area/splash pad are all together so I can see the kiddos from our seat and if I pop Annie in my mesh ring sling I can venture out in the water with them too! WOOT!

Earlier this week we snapped a few pics of us carrying ALL of our babies and I of course had to post them on social media. Wellllll, the peeps at Tula contacted me asking if it'd be okay for them to post on social media (DUHHHH) and I said sure, just make sure they tagged Scooter!

AND THEY DID!  How cool is that?!  You can check out the Facebook post here and Instagram post here.

I've been obsessed with taking moon pics and I snapped this one of the moon the other night.  Very Apollo 13-y and I love it. I can't wait for another super moon or eclipse or something so I can snap that too!

The kids enjoyed "Nee Nee Wednesday" this week while I had to work -- they got to play with their buddy Carter at the fountains at a park and dumb mom here didn't send swim suits so undies and diapers were used instead!  I'm sure we'll be back to a zillion fountains this summer to play -- it seems to be the kids' favorites!

Absolutely no point to these snaps other than they're adorable pics of Annie -- hating tummy time, giggling on her changing pad, loving sleep, looking super fluffy with her nighttime cloth booty, and oh-so-adorable in her bonnet that I want about a zillion more of! June & January, of course :)

Since I've been so snap happy lately we've had a few summer nights shoots recently and golly I love these burritos of mine! I also love how they love to giggle and be tickled for pics, and that Annie doesn't hate the grass (yet?! hopefully never!).  I'm sure there'll be HUNDREDS more to come as the summer goes on and as I keep scratchin' that snappin' itch!

Patrick just SCREAMS fashion...doesn't he?!  He's still obsessed with his police shirt and wears it nearly every day, and the outfit he has on in the police pic is his "work" outfit he wears with Rosie and him play house.  It's so cute.  He puts all of that on and "goes off to work" while Rosie stays home to take care of the kids.  What cracks me up is that that doesn't really happen in our house -- mommy here works too and daddy 'goes off to work' after everyone is asleep!  I guess he gets that traditional family makeup from his shows.  Oh!  And his new RENT shirt came and I love it SO MUCH.  I got it from this etsy shop and am tempted to order another for Rosie!  I just love that musical so much.

I'll end this pic with a few comparison snaps of Rosie (from 2 years ago) and Annie now.  Lots of similarities with these girls, huh?!!

These two big kids are SO EXCITED for summer and all that it's going to entail this year, as am I!  Annie is just along for the ride but I'm sure she'll have a blast too :) Anyways, I am giddy with excitement over everything we'll do this summer and all of the memories (and pictures!!) we'll have doing it!  Happy Thursday friends...have a good one!

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