Police Officers & Princesses

This little chick was SO EXCITED for her first daddy-daughter night out.  I mean, I kinda was SO EXCITED for her too because she's never been to anything like this before and I could not wait (literally!) for them to get home to hear all about it!

After a few quick snaps on the path, on Friday night Mike and Rosie headed off to their first daddy-daughter event: Police Officers and Princesses -- an event the Police Wives Association was putting on.  I didn't want to pester Mike all night for pics and videos, but it was SO HARD not to cause I wanted to know all about their evening!

Two words: SO FUN.  They both had SO MUCH FUN.  Obviously I'm blogging this second-hand cause I wasn't there, but I'm sharing everything Mike sent and told me and what I could decipher from what Rosie told me too :)

As soon as they walked in they got a tiara and goodie bag filled with candy and toys!  To say Rosie was in heaven was an understatement -- Mike said she devoured all of the candy ASAP!  Ha!  That's our girl!

Mike brought his big camera (my old 6D) and got some great snaps!  He took a bunch of pics of other people too and sent them the ones I edited but also got some great pics of Rosie too.  Didn't she look freaking adorable in her little outfit?!!

These were the first pics Mike sent me and I.was.rolling.  I could not stop laughing.  Rosie means business when it comes to food, especially anything with sugar, and these poor cupcakes did not stand a chance!  Grace (top photo) was looking at her like GIRLLLLLL, DON'T CHOKE!  And Edie (bottom pic) was eyeballin' that cupcake and probably wishin' she was getting in on that action.

I'm sure there's a better meme out there for this but this is all I could come up with cause Grace, so good with her manners AND UTENSILS, was using a fork and Rosie wasn't.  Too.damn.funny.

After treats and dinner Rosie tore it up on the dance floor and Mike said it was the cutest thing ever.  I can imagine, I mean, how freaking cute is she dancing in that video clip?!  Dead.  I can't stop watching it and loving how much SHE was loving her time there!

They really had a great time and spent like 3+ hours there!  Rosie didn't fall asleep till like 10:30pm -- probably from all of the sugar she had! -- but she woke up this morning wanting her tiara and telling PatPat as much as she could about her fun night with daddy last night.  Needless to say she loved it and had a blast and I'm sure can't wait to go back again next year with daddy...and maybe Annie too!

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