I kinda mentioned this in this post, but I figured I would blog a separate post alllll about it cause I'm just that excited about it!

When I went back for my 6 week checkup after Annie was born I noticed all that was on display in the exam rooms at my OB's office was hoo-ha posters and Mirena models.  Not exactly the most picturesque things to look at while you wait for your doc to come in.  As the weeks passed I kept thinking about that and how much better REAL pictures would look on the walls!  Of course I have a deep seeded fear of rejection (don't we all?!!) so I was hesitant to reach out because I didn't want them to say no.

However, a good friend told me, "You know, they can't say yes if you don't ask..."  And oh boy, right she was!  So I decided to go ahead and shoot my OB an email asking if she wanted any of my birth/fresh 48/newborn pics printed (I'd pay for them!) to be displayed at the office.  To my surprise (and excitement!) she emailed back saying YES!  She'd love them!  She actually had a bunch of frames that she was wanting to hang up but didn't have any pics for them...and them BAM!  I emailed!  Kinda like fate, huh?!!

Anyways, I met with her for coffee (read: smoothie) earlier this week and she picked out 21 (!!!) snaps to hang up.  I mean, some of these are my all-time favorite pics I've taken, and the fact that she picked out a few of my own little Annie girl (and my birth!) made me even more excited.  I went ahead and messaged (after I had already got the okay from them first to submit some of their pics to her to select from) the 'chosen few' that their birth/newborn pics were chosen!  Exciting, eh?!

I ordered them from my favorite print lab and they are set to arrive sometime within the next week.  I can't wait to give her these prints to hang up and display!  Kindaaaaaa hope I can get in there sometime and see where they're hung...maybe I could get her to snap some pics and send them to me so I don't have to wait until next year to go in.

I wanted to share these snaps with you (many I'm sure you've seen before, but humor me and enjoy them again) because I'm just way excited that they'll be on display for others to see!  Oh, and I also gave her a stack of business cards that she's putting out with the pics too, so yay for that.  Hopefully I'll get a few bookings from them...stay tuned :) Anyways, enjoy these snaps!  I absolutely did taking them!

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