Weekend Roundup

Ahhhhh, what a weekend!  I need a weekend to recoup from my weekend!  Thank God it's summer, cause I can be a lazy bug all week now I guess (haha, yeah right, like that's ever possible with 3 kids.)

After our fun little park adventure on Friday, we took some quick siestas and then went up to St. Peterfest carnival that night.

To say the kids had a blast is an understatement -- they LOVED it.  Rosie just tootled around and enjoyed watching Patrick ride rides (as did Annie) but Patrick had a BLAST and rode every ride that they he was tall enough for!

Too many videos for you?!  Sorry.  Not really...cause here are 3 more from our Ferris Wheel adventures!

Patrick really had so much fun -- he didn't want to leave and threw a whooper of a fit when it was time to go (which I'm sure was cause he was SO TIRED from all of his festivating).

But how cute was Ro waddling off to the van on our way home?!  Seriously, her curls and little booty just slay me.  So cute.  I'm incredibly biased though.

Patrick was screaming bloody murder in this pic but whatevs cause you can't tell that and it's adorable anyways.

On Saturday I had eleven mini sessions to wrap up my spring minis!  It was a HOT day but fortunately no rain (woot!) and all 11 sessions went incredibly well and we got a ton of great snaps!

Here are just a few of them...if you want to see even more teasers you can check out my blog post here with even more!

After my minis wrapped up at 6 we hung around the Mooneys house for Danny's law school graduation party.  The kids had a BLAST running around like crazy with their aunts, uncles, and cousin Lizzy.  Mike reminded me that we took a snap of Katie and I with our kids about 6 months ago and we decided since we were all together we should recreate it...so that we did!

Aren't those fun?!  You know my undying love for comparison snaps so I couldn't resist these.  PLUS!  Look at Patrick's pose! DEAD.  He slays me. I hope he never stops doing that.

After staying up late last night editing I actually slept till 8am (!!!) this morning which felt AMAZING.  I got up and got ready quickly because I went up to school to use the uber-fast wifi before heading off to my newborn session.  Busy busy morning!

Once I got home we decided to push back lunch and naps a bit and spend the morning at the pool...so off we went!

The pool was a blast.  The big kids had a lot of fun (and zero fighting or protesting going home when it was time to leave, so yay for that!) and Annie got called a boy.

WHAT?!  Right.  My reaction.

Old lady: ohhhhh, he's so cute! how old is he?
Me: it's a she and she is 4 months.
Lady: oh, well she looks like a boy when you dress her like that.
Me: 😐🙄

I couldn't believe it.  I mean, yeah, blues she was wearing, but she had a freaking headband on!  COME ON!  Whatever.

Anyways, we had a splendid time and everyone, Scooter included, passed out soon after we got home...well, everyone except me.  I stayed up editing my newborn session this morning and writing this blog post for you all (you're welcome) instead of taking a siesta for myself.  But, whatever, I have all summer to sleep, right?!

That's all I've got for now...we have a busy week -- VBS for Patrick, like 4 photoshoots for me, our 5 year anniversary on Friday, and a friend's wedding on Saturday!  BRING IT ON!  Have a great one friends!

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