Weekend Goodness

We've had a busy past couple of days here!  I was gonna dump everything into this one post but felt like Rosie and Mike's Police Officers and Princesses daddy-daughter date deserved its own post...so give that a read and oogle at the cuteness when you get a chance if you haven't already.

So!  What have we been up to?!  Welp, first I must share this snap...

That's Super Sheldon -- my good friend Robyn (who's the mastermind behind TinySuperheroes) little dude.  He's got Vertical Talus and just had his last surgery and no more casts, so he's in his boots and bar now 23 hours a day for the next year!  This picture totally tells his story and I love it so much and LOVE LOVE LOVE that she asked me to snap pics of him rockin' his boots and surrounded by his casts!  You can read more of his story here.

On Wednesday night Mike and I had a rare night out sans kids for my aunt Monica's 50th birthday party.  Mike was off (!!!) so all 3 kiddos stayed at the Mooneys and we got a little date night to celebrate!  I had a blast with my family and we enjoyed some good food, music, and company before we were totally lame and called it a night at 10pm.  But!  So much fun was had that it was totally worth it.

One of my friends sent me a pic of this book so I just HAD to order it for the kids (and duh, to take this pic!) and thanks to Amazon Prime it was here 2 days later and all of the kids, furriest one included, absolutely LOVE it!  Yay for internet friends and recommendations!

So for the past several weeks I've been struggling with some eye issues -- super puffy eyes, flaky skin around them, and itchiness.  I didn't think it was allergies cause I've never had this before and nothing I was taking or doing was making it go away.  Welp, my wonderful allergist got me in and I cannot remember what the official diagnosis name was but it was basically like a sinus infection that settled in my eye lids.  One steroid, one steroid cream, and one antibiotic later I'm hoping these work magic and clear my eyes up ASAP cause I'm sick of them being icky.

Did you know Friday was national pink day?!  Me either but I posted this pic of Annie happening to rock bubblegum pink all day then I realized and her outfit was kinda perfect for it, wasn't it?!  Again, eating my words with things I never thought I'd say, but is there such thing as too much pink?!! ;-)  Scoots obviously had to get in on the pink action too. Hehehe!  Oh and these wooly ball necklaces from Hooray Everyday are our favorites and Rosie has like 4 or 5 of them and they're just perfect for little girls.

Friday we also went to the second 'hot dogs with the cops' lunch fun at one of the parks in Kirkwood!  The kids had a BLAST -- Lizzy and the twins met us there too! -- and I think this is gonna be part of our summer Friday routine now!  They love those cheapo plastic helmets and Patrick loved getting to pet the police canine and sit in the firetruck.  I loved wearing my favorite shirt and Mike snapped a pic of me in it in front of the fire truck ;-) "God created police officers because firefighters need heroes too." Best.shirt.ever.

This kid cracks.me.up.  Not kidding, whenever I tell him it's time for a picture these are the poses he strikes.  I can't handle it.  It is the funniest thing ever so obviously I got it on video when he thought I was taking pics and it was the cutest thing ever.  Don't ever change Patrick -- keep rockin' those boots with whatever clothes you have on!

Patrick slept over at grandma and papa's on Friday and found alllllll of his dad's and uncle's hotwheels cars!  He made his own little circle of them and Kathy was so kind as to send us a snap of it!

I got these matching outfits for the girls months ago and finally busted them out today for a little photoshoot.  Rosie needed to be bribed (naturally) with a sucker but once she was she gave some cute little faces!  It would happen that Annie would be smiling and Rosie not looking and vice versa.  It is not easy getting these girls to look AND smile at the same time!

I FINALLY updated the entryway letter board today during nap time (so productive I was!) and Annie totally thinks she's in a crazy family...hence her face in 99% of the pictures she's looking like what the heck was I born into?!! Hahaha!  So accurate.

Tonight after Mike woke up and the kids got up from their naps (oh and after my photoshoot this morning) we went to our friends house for a pool party to celebrate Mike's fraternity brother's 40th birthday party.  The kids had a BLAST -- Patrick the most!  He went off the diving board for the first time ever and was swimming around the pool sans floaties!  I have no fear that if he were to fall into deep water that he could swim to the side to get out.  However, even though he can swim by himself I feel better when there's so many people around he's in his floaties until he gets a bit bigger and stronger.  But I'm hoping we can get him onto a swim team next summer cause he's a little fish like his dad was!

When we got home from the pool party all 3 took a bath together and it was the cutest thing ever.  We may need a bigger tub if we have more kiddos...haha!  Or we'll just squeeze them in like sausages :)  Annie makes the cutest faces post bath when she's getting dried off and I happened to have my phone with me tonight and snapped a few.

Okay!  Whew!  What a post!  I am pooped and off to bed...hope you enjoyed this little recap of our weekend thus far.  We don't have much on the docket tomorrow except for letting Mike snooze!  Hopefully it'll be a nice weathered day again like it was today and we can get out and about and maybe hit up a park or splash pad!  Exciting times with the Mooney flock :) Have a good one friends!!

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