In The Alley

Last night I had this senior snappin' session in downtown Kirkwood.  It was awesome -- Emily was great, and I fell in love with a new spot I found in downtown Kirkwood...this alley!

I literally thought about it ALL night long and just HAD to get back there this morning and snap some pics of Rosie in it.  Fortunately Ro woke up in a fantastic mood (seriously!) and she was all about getting her picture taken so we headed off after Annie was up and fed (Patrick is at the lake this weekend for a fishing derby!).

First off, I had to show you this ^^^.  Left: what you see (a quick snap I took with my iPhone) and on the right is what I see with my camera (and some editing in Lightroom).  Quite a difference, huh?!  You cannot get that type of snap (right) with an iPhone.  iPhones are GREAT photo takers -- heck, 90% of my blog posts here are iPhone pics.  However, if you want professional quality pictures, you need a photog to take them for you!  Anyways, I'm sure I'll post this somewhere to show the difference. 

Yeah, I kinda went a wittle overboard on the snaps.  And this isn't even half of them.  Woops.  But yeah, totally obsessed with this alley and I'm sure I'll be back there to snap again soon cause I'm going to suggest the heck out of it for anyone wanting a recommendation for pics because it photographs great at all times of the day!  Yay good lighting!

Oh I should mention that Rosie has asked for undies a few times this week and has sat on the potty a couple times as well.  Now, she hasn't actually gone, but yay for undie-asking-progress, right?!  She did actually pee in her undies this morning and completely LOST it and was so upset and kept saying, "Sorry mama!!!" and I kept telling her it was fine and accidents happen.  But even though she peed on our floor (nothing new, Scooter does it enough. #eyeroll) she wasn't happy about it and knew she shouldn't have done that so yay for progress.  I'd be worried if she laughed and splashed in it (what Patrick did the first time he peed on the floor.  Ekkk.)

Annie hasn't rolled over yet (no shocker here) but I think she's actually getting close? Maybe?!  She can get onto her side from her back and rocks back and forth pretty good on her belly.  I bet she'll do it sooner than later...I hope.  Heck, what do I know?!  She's still such a peanut at only 15.5 pounds at 4.5 months compared to Rosie and Patrick who both were almost 20lbs.  You do you, Annie girl.

After our impromptu alley photo shoot the girls and I went to the grocery store and both were happy little campers which made our grocery getting a much happier and joyful experience.  I sure wish all of our shopping trips could go this way!

Wait, I did take all 3 to Tarjay earlier this week and that was a wonderful expedition too.  We were in and out quickly (Target shocker!!) but we had one mission: slip 'n slide.

Um yeah, they were freaking EXCITED about that!  Nevermind it killed a crapload of grass in our front yard but worth it for those excited giggles and smiles, right?!!

I obviously went and grabbed my big camera and snapped a bunch of pics (that look way better in black and white cause the red reflection from the slip 'n slide onto the kiddos made them look weird) and yeah, they LOVED it.  They cannot wait to play on it again (and Patrick even convinced KiKi to get one for the lake for him to have down there too!).

So this is the cutest thing ever: Patrick has been OBSESSED with asking to feed Annie and he got to feed her a bottle (that she took NO PROBLEM even with me right there!) earlier this week and it was SO SWEET.  He is the best big brother (I'm biased, I know!) and I love how he can help feed her now. 

Patrick and Ro's new preschool backpacks came in the mail earlier this week and Patrick was super excited for his and Rosie was EVEN MORE excited and literally didn't take it off all night long.  So darn cute.  I cannot wait for her to go to school the fall -- I hope she doesn't have too much separation anxiety AND loves to strut around in her backpack too.

Gosh I love these burritos.  No point to these pics other than my kiddos looking adorable :)

Anddddd some Annie giggles for you.  She's just the cutest little butterball, isn't she?!!

Last night before my photo session we had dinner and ice cream with Lizzy (and, not pictured, Matt, Katie, Joey, and Jason) and NO ONE TOLD ME I WORE TWO DIFFERENT BIRKENSTOCKS OUT OF THE HOUSE!  Granted they were the same style just one was way older (left side) than the other one.  It irritated the beejezus out of me pretty much the entire night that I had 2 different shoes on (hello OCD!) but yeah, that happened.  How cute was Rosie's outfit though?!  2 of her favorite things: donuts and puppies!

The big kids got new jammies and they are THRILLED about them, clearly.  Rosie is obsessed with Moana (what 2 year old girl isn't?!) and Patrick loves space and tacos so I thought those were fitting.

Lastly I'll end with a few snaps from our adventures yesterday -- we hit up the pool with some of our buddies and then went and had lunch with the police at the park.  Patrick got to sit in the police car and talk on the siren (which he LOVED) and Rosie was clingy mcclingerson at the pool to Mike and didn't want to be set down but was much happier once we got to the park where she could run and play.  Anyways, fun morning was had by all!

Oh, Mike made the news again.  Another homicide in our violent city.  Ugh.  Getting old.  Anyways, he looks lost in the picture above and it made me giggle.

Anways, that's all I've got for today!  Exciting Father's Day BBQ tomorrow and hopefully a day of relaxing and such will be in store for Mike (and all of us!).  Have a great one friends!

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