Ahh, what a fun little weekend we had!  So I titled this post "soarin'" because that was the big event from our weekend!  More on that later.

Mike and I celebrated our 5 year anniversary on Friday and we hit up one of our favorite restaurants Favazza's (who catered our reception!) and then Ted Drewes.  It was an awesome evening and a rare date kidfree for us!  I told Mike we need to make these happen more often cause they are so wonderful when they do!

The kiddos had a blast at NeeNee and Gramps while we had dinner...they thoroughly enjoyed their strawberries and cream dessert!

posted about this last week, but all of my birth/fresh 48/newborn snaps came in the mail on Friday! EEEKKKKK! I was so excited to see them PRINTED in the flesh!  I am getting them to my OB this week and hopefully they'll be UP and hanging in her office soon! I'm going to see if she'll send me some snaps of them hanging so hopefully I'll have some updated snaps to show you :)

Scooter's Patty Paw came this week (along with Annie's!) and I just LOOOOVE how it turned out!  We will forever have his paw print memorialized in bronze now! WOOT!

On Saturday I had this little dude's newborn snaps and then Mike and I had ANOTHER kidfree night (WHAT!! TWO IN A ROW?! LUCKY DUCKS!!) because one of his police academy buddies was getting hitched!  My brother actually offered to be our driver (who needs Uber when you have Charlie Pepin?!!) and it was great cause the wedding was 50 minutes away and yay for not having to drive!  We had an absolute blast (and a lot of vino!) and it was a super fun night.

I have to mention this from Saturday too -- Patrick is OBSESSED with getting the mail and NOTHING stops him from retrieving it...not even only having undies on.  If he sees the mail truck he hauls it outside to get the mail (and usually my packages) so naturally when he did this the other afternoon with only undies on I snap snap snapped away to capture it.  Mother of the year again.

Way back in February we had gotten my dad a ride in a T6 Texan WWII airplane from this guy.  Welp, it finally came that TODAY was the day he got to cash it in and take his ride!  To say he was excited (as were we!) is an understatement!  I think the kids were just as excited as he was to see Gramps in an airplane!

Andddddd they insisted on wearing their monkey hats know, cause it wasn't 90 degrees out or anything... oyyy.

Okay, today was really awesome.  I took a bazillion pics (and am obviously not posting them all, just a can see more here if you'd like too) because 1. it was a gorgeous day 2. I brought my big camera with my 70-200mm lens so perfect for capturing the plane in the distance and 3. GoPro.

So this is Greg ^^^, he's the pilot.  Well, when we got there and my dad said I brought my GoPro on a selfie stick for him to hold up during the fight Greg said that he had a mount on the wing for my GoPro and we could just mount it pointed at my dad and have it snap pics (or video) during his trip. Um, YES PLEASE!  So Greg mounted it, I set it to take pics every 2 seconds, and OH MY GOSH.  What amazing pics we got!

Annie slept through 90% of this I guess it's a good thing I took so many pics so she can see what she slept through one day :)

Aren't those awesome?!  Seriously, I could look at them all day long.  I LOVE how they turned out and cannot wait to turn them into a book for my dad!! EEKKK!

Anddddd a couple of taxing and take off videos for your viewing pleasure too :)

So after we saw my dad's flight we had a quick lunch and headed down to Kate's lake for the night for some swimming and playing!  Mike was off (!!!) so we thought we'd do a quick little getaway to Kate's for some relaxing.

And that's exactly what we've been doing!  I was able to chill for a bit and get my pics edited from the flight today, took a few snaps of the kiddos, and even get some projects graded for my summer school students!

Ahhhh, what a wonderful summer weekend this was.  Oodles of great memories, awesome weather, and a ton of relaxing.  I have a busy busy week (actually next few weeks!) with lots of photoshoots (almost one every single night!) but I love it and can't wait to snap these families.  That's all I've got for this Sunday night...have a great one friends!!

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