It Is Thursday!

It’s Thursday!

Isn’t that the most riveting blog title ever?! I am not feeling very creative today, clearly.

Anyways, we have had a jam-packed week ‘round these parts, complete with Patrick in Vacation Bible School every morning from 9-12.

Mike has had to work all week so he’s been snoozing during the day and it’s just been me and the kiddos.  We’ve been trying to keep busy (especially since the weather is absolutely GORGEOUS, which I’m sure me typing this is jinxing it) and stay out of the house so Mike can snooze.

The girls and I went to Target earlier this week and Rosie was just enjoyin' her snacks from her Snap & Shop Tray and livin' her best life ever.  She was so wonderful at Target I contemplated going to buy a lottery ticket because usually her diva-ness comes out and she starts to get really agitated about halfway through our trip and wants out.  BUT!  Not this time!  We actually got all of our shopping done and it was just awesome.

Patrick and I get to spend a lot of one-on-one time together each afternoon while the girls are sleeping.  Occasionally he falls asleep (like today!) but mostly he stays up and we're able to play (like with his kinetic sand!) and he really likes to snuggle while I edit pics or grade projects and he watches shows on his iPad.  I should take him to the pool while everyone else is snoozing here...maybe next week!

I don't know if I've even mentioned it here but I've been doing some blogging for TinySuperheroes!  If you'd like check out their stories page -- the most recent stories I have written.  I am loving working with them and getting to know these kiddos and their parents when they submit their stories.  Obviously I love blogging (hence you reading this!) and am glad I could jump on the TinySuperheroes blogging train too!

Patrick got a new shirt that I love SO MUCH from Mama Case Prints and he was so kind to model it for me the other day after he put it on.  So darn cute, amiright?!  Gosh, what a stud!  His last day of VBS is tomorrow and I love how every night he helps me pick out the outfit he is going to wear the next day.  An aspiring fashionista (or fashionister?!) like his sister Rosie!

Well this was a massive photo/video dump up there for ya ^^^.  But these are all from the past couple days and it just SLAYS ME how much these kiddos love each other, especially their little sister.  It melts my heart every time they ask to hold her, and then melts even more when they're lovin' on her and kissing her and just being so damn adorable.  How'd I get so lucky?!

Since Rosie was at my mom's on Wednesday and Patrick at VBS I took Annie to the park to meet up with some friends for some chit chats and walking.  Annie was pretty much her usual game-faced self the entire time, but I had a good time with my buddies!  Annie also got to drool and stare at her January 31st birthday buddy Michael, so that was super fun as well!

Speaking of Annie, this little meatball turned 18 whole weeks old on Tuesday!  I seriously CANNOT BELIEVE how fast time is flying by!  It is CRAZY.

And with that, here's a birth snap from 18 weeks ago that still gives me alllll the feels.  BUT!  What's super cool is that I reached out to my OB and asked if she wanted any of my birth/fresh 48/newborn snaps for her office and she said YES!  She picked out 21 pictures and I got them printed from my favorite print lab ( and they'll be going up at my OB's office soon!  How freaking cool is that?!  Check out here for all 21 pics that she picked :) 

I still am laughing wayyyyyyy too hard about this picture.  I took the one on the left before I woke Annie up earlier this week, and then I took her sleepsack off and she rolled onto her belly (not by herself, with my little push :) and then she made that face looking back at me and I.was.dying.  So funny!

I made it into a meme too which I'll promptly send anyone when I get questioned about something I don't want to do or don't agree with.  Haha!

No point to this other than Annie being ridiculously adorable before lunch/nap earlier this week.  Gosh she is getting cuter and happier each and every day!

Andddd since I've got you here, I thought I'd dump some recent pics of Annie looking adorable for ya here too (cause, let's face it, 95% of my blog posts are photo dumps.  Sorry.  Not really.) 

I got some new sheets from Target earlier this week and they had cute little cacti on them and were just screaming to have Annie's picture taken on them so DUH, that's what I did.

I posted one online and my cousin immediately sent me this ^^^ collage back and I couldn't stop laughing!  NOT THE MAMA!  Dead.  Seriously.  I need to find a yellow crop top and white dipe for her and recreate this pic again.

Anyways, Patrick was in there while I was snappin' Annie's pic and then he asked if he could take my picture feeding her and, duh, I obliged.  Obviously I edited it but Patrick snapped it and it made me love it even more that my biggest took this pic of me feeding my littlest. LOVE.

We visited Goose for dinner earlier this week when Aunt Mary and Uncle Jim were in town and this was the best snap we could get of Goose and the kiddos...but I still love it.  REAL LIFE PEOPLE.

I got my Polaroid camera out earlier this week and snapped a few snoozin' pics of the kids and they are all left side sleepers!  HEHEHE.

I'll end with a few snaps of Rosie being oh-so-happy this week.  Her speech has absolutely exploded lately and she talks in sentences and you can usually understand everything she's saying and I love it so.  She's got a sassy personality and is feisty and I just love her so.  Proud to be her mama :)

Oh, I had my first twilight mini session last night and it went swimmingly!  I just LOVE how the pics turned out and I cannot wait to snap more -- I have more scheduled and am looking forward to those coming up soon!

Anyways, that's all I've got for this riveting Thursday post.  It's our anniversary tomorrow, we have a wedding to go to Saturday, then we're watching my dad take his birthday flight in the WWII airplane on Sunday before heading to my aunt's lake for the night.  Busy busy, huh?!  But I love it -- oh sweet summer, please go slow!  Have a great one friends!

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