Father's Day 2017

Ahhhh, what a fun Father's Day!  Actually we didn't do much since Mike worked all night (we did let him sleep 8+ hours all day so that was nice for him) and Patrick got back from the lake around lunchtime so we really just hung out.

I should mention that last night I didn't sleep great cause Rosie was up from 12:30 - 3:30am because she was TERRIFIED of the thunder and storm outside.  Usually she cries and goes right back to sleep if she has a bad dream or gets scared but not last night.  She was soooo scared and literally clung to me for hours.  I got her to lay down with me in bed hoping she'd fall asleep but nope, she just wanted to cling to me and when she wasn't she was crying and/or tossing and turning and being SO LOUD.  Finally at 3:30 the longest storm ever was over and I put her back in bed and she finally fell asleep.  Lordie, I was tired!

So, because of ^^^ that Rosie was in a wonderful mood all day (#not) and we kinda just hung out at home and laid low because she was SO WHINY and I didn't want to take her anywhere and chance her freaking out for no reason.  Plus, we had a big BBQ planned at the Mooneys that night so we could just wait and rest up for that.

OHHHH!!! AND GUESS WHO ROLLED OVER TODAY?!! I am so dang proud of her!  But Annie rolled from her belly to her back for the first time today and I kind of blurry-ly got it snapped and I am just so happy for her!  She's the earliest Mooney roller and also the smallest (by like 4 pounds!) at 4.5 months but whatever, I'll take it!  I'm so happy for my little meatball!  And Rosie was too, clearly, by her kisses onslaught.

We did go to my parent's for lunch to pick up Patrick from the lake.  Rosie wore her new Purl Lamb romper that I got on SUPERRRRR clearance and she clearly hated it ;-) Annie enjoyed some quality time with Gramps chomping on her monkey teether thingy while the big kids ran around like crazy.

Everyone took a nap (me included!) -- well, I thought everyone took a nap.  Turns out Patrick didn't and since I fell asleep on the couch he got me my water bottle out for me and brought me some (fake) flowers he found so I'd have them when I woke up.  Sweetest.kid.ever.

Once everyone got up from their siestas we headed out to the Mooneys for a BBQ!  Mike was looking at old pics and found one of his dad holding him from 38 years ago and HOLY CATS, Annie is baby Mike's clone!  We decided we'd have Rick recreate these 2 pics with Annie 38 years later in the same spot and it didn't disappoint :)

So cool, huh?!  I tried to replicate the color and such editing too.  Anyways, I LOVE these pics and will cherish them forever!  We'll have to get them printed for Rick...or maybe made into a magnet!

We also took a big family pic...because we hadn't taken one in 2017 yet (in front of the barn) and thank you tripod + camera remote for this snap where everyone is looking!

FULL EFFECT!  Every family pic for the past 5 years!  We're gonna have to update 2017s in November once Erin and Curtis' little girl gets here :)

I had brought my Gathre mat and we decided to get a few cousin snaps on it too!  I love the one of all of the Mooney cousins laying and looking up and then the 2017 babes staring at us as well!  Those twinkies are growing so fast and catching up to Annie!  I love it so!

The rest of the night we enjoyed eating outside (it was gorgeous!) and Annie enjoyed playing with Papa on the mat.  Patrick and Rosie were okay -- I think both of them were SO TIRED from their weekend that their fuses were short -- lots of tears and crying (mostly for no reason) and they did have fun running around and playing with their cousins and aunts and uncles but yeah, 7pm came and we waved our white flag and headed home.

The big kids had a bit of wrestlemania with Mike before they went to bed and he headed off to work.  I am SO EXCITED he's off for the next several days (!!!) so we have him home with us to play during the day and do fun stuff at night.  I can't wait!

Anyways, it was a wonderful Father's Day -- we are so blessed with some amazing dads (and granddads!) in our life that we couldn't be any happier!  Hope everyone had a good one...have a great week friends!!

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