Summer Lovin'

I'm fairly certain I have already had a post with this title...wait...lemme check...

Yep. A couple of them.  Oh well.  Not feeling title-creative today so just roll with it, mmmkay?!

Okay, I freaking LOVE summer.  I mean, no surprise there since I'm a teacher and we get them off, but things just flow better in the summer and there's so much more to do outside!  I love it so.

I posted on Sunday about how we took my dad on a WWII airplane flight then headed to the lake...well, we stayed there for another night for some more swimming and Mustang cruisin'!

Both kids slept in KiKi's bed with her and it was just the cutest thing EVER.  So glad they love her so much AND that she lets them snooze with her!  BEST.AUNT.EVER.

The kids first had breakfast on the driveway (and doesn't Annie look adorable in her bonnet?!!), practice the Pledge of Allegiance, and then we played outside for a bit before Mike and I took Patrick out for a cruise in Kate's 1966 Ford Mustang!  I of course brought my camera for some snaps too :)

I looooove these snaps and the vintage-y look with them. I've been obsessed with these Tribe Archipelago presets lately and have been using them for nearly every session and I just LOVE how the pics look with them!

We hit up the pool again and Patrick was obsessed with swimming sans his floaties (!!!) and he did so awesome with it!  He also is SO GOOD at jumping into the pool and swimming back to the edge.  He totally is a little fish and does SO WELL with swimming on his own!

The kids stayed another night with KiKi and my mom and Mike, Annie, and I headed back because I had a twilight mini-session that night and Mike had a small surgery on Tuesday to get a nasal polyp removed.

Annie turned 19 whole weeks old on Tuesday and I cannot believe how freaking fast it's gone.  Like lightning fast.  Gah!  I don't like to think about it.  But I do love how much she has grown and how she's developing her own little personality more and more!

So Annie and I took Mike to get this nasal polyp thingy removed on Tuesday and what was suppose to be a quick 2 hour in and out procedure took FIVE FREAKING HOURS.  GAH.  So long.  It was a minor little surgery for Mike (his first ever!) and that's what took so long was the prep and recovery.  He's totally fine (he actually went to court and work that afternoon and evening!) but it couldn't be done with local so he had to be completely knocked out.  Annie and I had a blast (not! we were so bored!) in the room waiting for him to be done.  Fortunately Annie is SO GOOD and was great and took a few catnaps while we were there too.  But!  Everything is fine and all is well with Mike and his nose.  Woot.

I had my good buddy Regan's TEN YEAR anniversary shoot on Tuesday night and then when I got home the older 2 kiddos had gotten back from the lake so we had a quick dinner, baths, and got everyone in bed!

They all crashed...hard.  That's what summer does to them and I kinda love it so.

No point to this other than it was 6 years ago when we got our engagement pics taken and this was our quick "practice" pic with an iPhone and it's still one of my most favorite pictures EVER.

Anyways, this morning we got up and when Mike got home from work he took a quick snooze before we decided to hit up tot time at the pool...which is just perfect cause it's an hour from 9:30 - 10:30 and it's never crowded, not too hot, and wears the kids out!  We were home by 11, Mike went back to bed, then kids played for a bit before lunch and they're all currently sleeping!  It.was.awesome.

See?!  The kids had a BLAST.  Annie chilled in my mesh ring sling (and fell asleep for a quick snooze) and the kids just played played played!  I think we'll be doing this A LOT this summer cause it's no problem at all for me to take all 3 by myself if Mike's sleeping!

Annie and Scoots lasted 10 whole minutes in this position and I thought that was pretty freaking impressive for both of them!  World's most cooperative dog!  --Or he's just given up on life.  One of those :)

Anyways, that's about all I've got for today!  I'm off to have a quick lunch and continue watching the new season of Orange is the New Black -- happy hump day friends!  Have a good one!

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