Ahhh, what a wonderful birthday I had!  32 is gonna be my best year yet, I just KNOW IT.  I mean, the past 5 years have been incredibly awesome and each one seems to top the last, so 32, I have high hopes for you!  You gotta live up to my expectations :)

Okay!  So!  Where to start?!  We had a birthday dinner ^^^ on Monday at my parents' house and that was oh-so-fun.  Rosie kept it real, as always.  I think she was mid-whacking Mike in the face.  Lovely.

Today on my actual birthday I had to work (boo) so Mike brought me a donut home on his way from work and then I dropped Annie off with my mom and aunt (the big kids had a sleepover there the night before) and I headed into work.  I had a training to do and some other stuff so it was a busy -- yet uneventful! -- day at work.

When I went to pick the kiddos up from my parents they made me some brownies for a snack!  So they got to sing happy birthday again (current fave song of theirs to serenade anyone willing to listen to) and Patrick snapped this ^^^ lovely pic of me and Ro.

We then went home for a bit to unload from the day and get Mike up (who had a great Alex's birthday because he got like 7 straight hours of sleep for the first time in ages!) before heading to Club Taco and ice cream for dinner and dessert!

Club Taco is quickly becoming one of my favorite restaurants because 1. delish 2. kid friendly 3. quick 4. cheap (1/2 price tacos until 6pm! woot!) so I'm sure we'll hit it up frequently this fall.  Anyways, my mom and aunt Kate joined us and it was oodles of fun -- their first time there too and I think they really liked it!  Annie enjoyed her donut.

We then walked over to the Custard Station for ice cream!  Ahhh, one of my favorite summertime adventures to do.  The big kids LOVED their ice cream and even Annie got a taste herself!

She liked it.  Girlfriend likes her dairy.

Thanks to my Apple Watch we were able to get a family picture that I absolutely ADORE!  The clouds are awesome and the big kids are looking and smiling and Annie is loving on that ice cream!  Ahhh, I love my little fam bam.

I did find a cute little spot that I'm making a mental note about for future downtown Kirkwood photoshoots on our way back to where we parked...and the big kids were so nice to pose for a picture there for me.

Mike snapped a few pics of the kiddos and myself too and gosh, they're just perfect.  Rosie is being, well, Rosie, and Annie is got her RB face on (or heck, not even looking!) and Patrick is hamming it up as always.  Ahhh, if this doesn't sum up 32, I don't know what does!

Since I had my big camera out I snapped a few pics of Patrick and Annie (Rosie was having none of it, typical.)...

...and then THIS happened and I.am.dying.  Seriously, Scoots!  What are you doing!!  Gah!  I think he found the ice cream remnants on Annie's face and he was going to town!  Of course I just kept clicking.  I think it is true what they say that kids with dogs are healthier because they're exposed to more germs -- um, yep.  I think this accurately sums that up, right?!  RIGHT.  Totally had me in stitches looking at these after Annie went to bed.  So funny.

Anyways, the kiddos went off to another sleepover (#luckyducks) with KiKi and NeeNee because they have a fun day planned tomorrow at the Zoo while I work and let Mike have another day to catch up on some sleep.  We then are off to the big kids' meet the teachers night before I have a newborn session afterwards. BUSY BUSY are we!  But all is good -- great birthday, great family time, and amazing family members who are helping us out this week until we get into a norm and a set routine with everyone back in school next week.  Ahhh, 32, you are already amazing!  I cannot wait to see what this year has in store!

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