Busy Busy Busy!

Holy cats.  I don't even know where to start!  So we have been SO BUSY.  And this coming week is even nuttier with back to school stuff for me, lots of photoshoots, a birth scheduled to snap anytime, and Mike works the entireeeee week so it's tricky with him needing to sleep yet watch the kids cause they don't start school till the 16th.  YIKES!

Okay!  So hopefully you've read my other posts from this weekend: Annie started food and Rosie and I had a fun little photoshoot at Target!  With that, I remembered there are some other significant events that happened this past week/weekend that I guess I forgot about because my brain was in a fog from being back at work and literally having photoshoots every.single.night. and yeah, mama has been busy.  So!  Let's get right into what's been happening with this Mooney flock.

Probably the biggest OMG moment of the weekend was this ^^^ Rosie is officially in a toddler bed now!  And, I hope I'm not jinxing this, but she is ROCKING IT.

I mean, she has been a freaking rockstar with ZERO issues during bed or nap time with her sleeping AND staying in her bed.  I cannot believe it!  I mean, I can, she sleeps in a big girl bed at the grandparents and Kate's, so this was just a really easy transition for her.  Patrick has been gone at the lake this weekend so he hasn't slept in their new "room" setup yet, but I'm sure it'll be just fine when he's back and they're both in there in BOTH of their big boy/girl beds together!  Let the nights of endless giggling ensue :)

Patrick is totally livin' it up with his last week or so before school starts, getting spoiled to death by his KiKi and NeeNee!  They went on a state park adventure on Saturday and he had SO MUCH FUN!  I cannot wait till he gets home and tells me all about it.  I looooooove how much family time he's getting (but I do miss him incredibly whenever he's gone!) and love that he's really livin' up his last parts of summer before he's in 5 full days of week of school SO VERY SOON!

Annie had her cute little hedgehog outfit on earlier this week so, duh, I had to snap some pics of her in it!  She's looking oh-so-cute in it and wasn't having any sitting up pics (she's still working on that, still livin' the wet floppy noodle life) but I think we got some good snaps regardless!

I did take some video on my big camera and OMG why don't I use that more?! I LOOOOVE how cute this came out and looks of her!  Tossed some theme music behind it in iMovie and there's an adorable little hedgehog Annie video for you too :)

On Saturday one of my college buddies Chelsea and her kiddos Mia (and Nico, not pictured) came in for the day and we had such a blast with them!  We hit up MOD pizza (and Rosie was sooo excited that Chelsea bought her a cake treat!) and had some really great catch-up time before they headed back to southern Illinois.  We definitely will have to get together with them again soon; this was one of the highlights of my summer!

Chelsea helped me snap some promo pics for a company I'm doing product shots for, so to thank her for being my model I snapped a few pics of her and Mia together and I am loooooving how they turned out!  (You can see all of the snaps here too)

My girlies and I had a great weekend together, but we sooooo miss big brother Patrick!  We can't wait for him to get back and join in on our chaos this week, being the last full week of summer for the big kids.  I'm back at work and Mike works all week, so it's a little nutty with lots of shuffling of the kids with activities they have (open house, etc...) as well as what I have (LOTS AND LOTS of photoshoots!).  But it'll be a good week, right?!  I'll be the big 3-2 on Wednesday (WHAT?! I swear I just turned 16! haha!) and celebrating that (even though I'd be totally okay if we didn't. Haha!) gets thrown in too.  I just hope it's not too stressful of a week, everything works out and gets to where they need to go ON TIME, and that my birth mama has an easy peasy delivery that I am able to MAKE.  Whew!  Think good thoughts for that; I don't like missing births that I'm suppose to shoot!

Okay!  That's all I've got for this busy busy busy Sunday post!  Have a great one friends!!  Enjoy these last days of summer if you're livin' the teacher (or student!) life like we are 'round these parts!

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