After Effects

Hands-down my most favorite piece of technology is my iPhone.  I can do almost anything I need to with it -- order food, call a friend, make an appointment through an app, update grades for my students, and (my favorite part), capture seemingly infinite amounts of pictures and videos, 99.9% of which are my kiddos.

However, life gets busy, and as much of an ‘overgrammer’ as I am, a’many pictures go astray without being shared -- they get snapped and promptly forgotten about, seemingly lost in my camera roll.  Being a photographer I am always cognizant of going through every single picture I take on my big camera, but when it comes to my iPhone, I am not as good about really going through and delving into all of the snaps I’ve taken.

Take ^^^ that pic for example.  I just queued up my camera roll and found this snap I took at dinner from the other night.  A flood of happiness just swarmed over me seeing my brother Charlie holding Annie while Rosie reaches out to play with them too.  So.darn.sweet.  But I realized I snapped this, didn’t share it, and sat in my camera roll until just now when I found it!  Of course it’s a freaking adorable snap and I definitely want to share it with others...(*runs to Instagram to post it).  What other pictures have I missed because I snapped so quickly and then life happened and forgot that I took them?

These after effects of the photos we snap are so important to me, and I really want to get better about really really looking at what I capture and not just snap-and-forget, knowing that it’s in my camera roll and that’s good enough.  I want to be better about both capturing the moment AND remembering it.  Because looking at that picture of my brother with my girls just makes my heart smile and I wonder how many other pictures I’ve taken that could evoke this kind of emotion that are forever lost and buried in my camera roll?

So!  Here are a few things I do (and would like to do!) to keep these camera roll memories just that -- memories and not forgotten, hidden snaps.

First, I have an account (and recipe set up) on IFTTT -- so any pictures I do actually post get automatically saved to a folder in my dropbox account.  That way I don't ever have to worry about if I remembered to move them to my computer or another location, I know if I posted them on social media then a copy of them is safely organized in my dropbox account.

Secondly, I have the Google Photos app on my phone set up to auto back-up my camera roll whenever I'm on a wifi connection.  Because even those pics that are "lost" in my camera roll get backed up automatically to my gmail/Google photos account. AND if I set it to backup high resolution (instead of full) I have unlimited storage space!  WOOT!

Thirdly, I am trying to force myself at the end of each day to really flip back through my camera roll and look back at all of the snaps I took, making sure I didn't snap-and-forget any pics, and if I did I can take the time at the end of the day to really look back at them and them share them if I want to.

Lastly, I am good about displaying my pics, but I want to be even better!  This Aura Frame looks ahhhhhhhmazing and kinda the exact thing that would be a good way to make sure those photos in my camera roll don't stay hidden and unseen forever.  I love how it automatically makes photo collections for you and displays them without you doing much.  That's super awesome.

These after effects of the snaps I take are so important to me and I'm going to be better about making sure that they're seen and etched into my memory, and not just some lone forgotten picture buried deep within my 5000+ picture deep camera roll.

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