Rosie at Target

This morning the girls and I hit up Target for a few things and I decided to bring my big camera because I've been soooooo wanting to take some cosmetic aisle snaps with Rosie and I figured this morning would be a good time to do it...

I mean, I maybe had to bribe Rosie a wittle bit and we had to fight off some crowds (cause it was tax free weekend and SO crowded! DUMBO ALEX!) but gosh these snaps I got of Rosie in the aisle were SO WORTH IT!

Girlfriend was soooo sassy and was spinning and killin' the posing game once again (gah I love her for that!) and I just kept snapping away.  I'm sure I looked crazy cause Annie was strapped in the Tula on my front and I was crouched down snapping away and it was so fun!

Seriously, it was a RUSH.  My hands were shaky and I was so sweaty trying to snap as quickly as I could because 1. embarrassing 2. so crowded and didn't want anyone in the background 3. did I mention embarrassing?!

Anyways, gah I'm looooving how these turned out and kinda want to tag the heck out of Target when I post these on my photog blog and FB page cause they should probably hire me and Ro, right?! RIGHT.  ;-)

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