Dino Mitz!

I've posted in the past about my undying love for Mitz Accessories kids' clothing, and this post is another homage to that: I FREAKING LOVE these clothes!

First off, I will tell you that wherever the kids go and they're wearing their Mitz clothes (especially their dino outfits) they get SO MANY compliments on their outfits!  I totally am going to dress them in matching Mitz outfits at school next week too...just you wait for those pics! Hehehe!

Anyways, before the girls got up from their siestas the other day Patrick and I stole away outside for some snaps in his dino shirt (and new Samba shoes for indoor soccer which he starts in a couple weeks...and is so.stinking.excited.about.) and I am loooooving the way these snaps turned out!

Gosh isn't he the cutest?!  I can't handle him sometimes!

Anyways, just wanted to share these snaps with you!  Love Mitz, love what they stand for, and love their quality of clothes!  Check them out here and maybe you'll find something you love for your kiddo (or grandkid...or friend...or whomever!) too!!

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