Annie & Scoots

On Friday night, since the big kiddos were at their last weekend away at the lake before school starts, we just had Annie Banannie to ourselves!  Mike and I hit up happy hour at our new fave place Club Taco and then we headed home.

Annie obviously loved happy hour too, chomping on her monkey and longingly looking at my yummy margarita.  Haha!

Anyways, once we got home the sun was just in that perfect golden hour glow, so I thought it’d be fun to get a few pics of Scoots and Annie out front on my favorite quilt!

Annie is still working on sitting up -- she can totally do it but doesn’t do it for too long before she flops over like a wet noodle.  BUT!  I think we got some great snaps in before she tumbled over...gosh I love her little smirk and smile!

Naturally Scoots joined in too so we had to take some pics of both of them...Annie totally got him back for the lick attack earlier in the week, but then Scoots promptly turned around and got her back again!  Haha!

I did take a cute little video of Annie as well -- gosh my big camera takes such good videos!  I need to remember to use it more for that!

Anyways, I just wanted to share these cute little snaps from Friday with you.  My little lady is growing so fast!  I cannot believe she’ll be 7 months old in a couple weeks!  Time, slow down PLEASE!!

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