First off, it's World Photography Day so before Mike went to sleep I had him snap this gem ^^ of me (with my iPhone...since all of my cameras were tied up!) and it's one of my new most favorite self portraits!  I love it soooooo.  Yay for pictures...and hopefully many MANY more years to come snappin' away!

Monday is the big solar eclipse...and we in STL are in the path of totality which is awesome because we'll have an awesome show for it!  The kids and I still have school (boo) but we'll each be watching it with our respective institutions and I'm hoping for a cloudless day and perfecting viewing weather!  Scoots is obviously ready with his eclipse glasses too :) hahaha! I posted this on his page and someone was legit concerned about him "watching" it on Monday.  I can promise you he'll be safely inside asleep on the couch...which is where he spends 90% of his days.

While snapping some solar glasses pics of Scoots I also snapped a few pics of the bees that are hanging out in the front of our house.  Gosh those suckers are fast!  I had so many blurry ones before I finally was able to sharply capture one of them.  I mean I didn't have a great lens on for capturing wildlife but love how these did turn out that I was able to capture!

Last night went to my cousin's birthday/welcome home party and Rosie was in a MOOD 😬 tearing into and destroying her cupcake and not wanting to smile for anything with her cousin Cole.  Ahhh, life of a two year old.  Patrick was off making new friends and not-pictured having a blast and Annie got a lot of snuggle time with her aunts and cousins and stole a selfie with mama here.

Houdini here someone managed to get her arm out of the sleeve and through her head hole in her jammies!  I was dying laughing when I went to get her up this morning and saw that!  Too funny.  She cracks me up!

Mike got home late and went right to bed (not before we all had some donuts he brought home with him!) and then the kiddos and I headed off to our favorite park for Rosie's friend Riley's birthday party!  Rosie and Riley (and their buddy Jack) have playdates every Wednesday with their grandmas/aunts so naturally we all got invited to her party and it was a ton of fun!  The kids were only partially mad at me that I forgot their swimsuits (oops) and found some chalk and other things to dive in to instead of the water.  Fortunately it wasn't too hot and was actually a nice day for a birthday party!  WOOT!

We got home and Annie was just so unhappy to have to go take a nap.  I KID! I KID!  She's the happiest baby EVER.

Patrick and I stole away to grocery shop while the girls + Mike slept and it's so much fun getting to spend some one-on-one time with him!  I treated him to a slushy on our way home for being so good and such a big helper for me.

That's about all I've got for this random half-weekend happenings post!  We have a BBQ to go to tonight and that's IT for this weekend; no photoshoots or anything else planned and I'm kinda loving it, especially after the exhausting first week of school I had (I'm always tired after the first week!).  Anyways, have a great rest of your weekend friends!!

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