Weekend Funsies

This was a rare weekend: I didn't have any photoshoots booked!  Well, strike that, I do have one tonight, but I didn't have any on Friday or Saturday or Sunday morning!  So we got in oodles of family time which makes my oh-so-busy heart very happy.

Friday night our good buddies the Rosenbergers came over and OMG, by some miracle we were able to capture this gem:

Amazing, right?!  This was like the 2nd picture Mike snapped and I cannot believe how awesome it turned out cause about 3 seconds later Rosie was DONE and running away and we officially lost our window.  Shocking we got this amazing snap and it makes me smile every time I look at it!  I had to do a little video for Robyn for the TinySuperheroes.com website so we snuck in a group photo with all of our kids and it turned out incredible.

I sent this to Robyn today ^^ with the caption "24 year difference."  And wow, so much fun to see us go from crazy 8 year olds to mamas of 3!

Anyways, the kiddos had fun running around and being crazy that night and Annie worked on her sitting up skills that she's getting better and better at each and every day!  Gosh I love her and that gummy little smile!

So Mike got me a Scooter mailbox for my birthday and got it assembled for me and OMG, how freaking awesome is it?!!  I LOVE IT.  I cannot wait for him to get it mounted and put up outside so we can use!  I hope our mail lady is gentle to it...we needed a new one cause she broke the flag off of our current one!

Saturday morning we got up and decided to hit up the pool for probably one of our last soirees there of the summer.  The kids were thrilled (and matching!!) to get some much needed pool time because it has felt like FOREVER since we were last there.

Annie loved her sunnies, Rosie loved posing, and Patrick loved having water dumped on him!  A pretty fun morning at the pool if I do say so myself.

The kids loved their new towels and Rosie kept telling me her name is "Princess Rosie" which cracks me up cause 1. I didn't prompt her at.all. to say that and 2. she really thinks she's a princess!  So dang funny.

Saturday night we had friends over who are expecting twinsies in October and I hope my insane children didn't scare them too much...I didn't get any pics other than Annie looking adorable in her poppy shorty outfit.

Scoots and I got up early Sunday morning to watch the sun come up (don't ask me why...6:30 it and I was WIDE FREAKING AWAKE.  UGH.) and then Mike got home and he decided he wanted his haircut before heading to bed.

I think I did a pretty good job, huh?!  It's hard to mess up a buzz cut FYI :)

I had my camera out snappin' some pics and videos of the kiddos...

I've been trying to get better about taking videos and not just pics because OMG, the video quality on my camera is just superb!!  I loooove it.

Annie was getting hungry so I decided to fed her real quick and Patrick asked for my camera to take some pics...so I handed it over and...WOW.

This kid AMAZES me with what he captures.  Obviously I edited these, but he took them all by himself and I just ADORE them.

So good.  He is SO GOOD!  I'm going to have to hire him for my second shooter before he starts kindergarten!  I love these so and I cannot wait to keep showing him more and more tips and tricks...I hope his love for photography stays around always, cause I'd love for him to follow in his mama here's footsteps!

Okie dokie, that's all I've got for this little weekend roundup.  Have a great week friends!

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