Annie's 6 Month Check-Up

Our little Annie turned 6 months old last week and today we made it back to the pediatrician to get her in for her 6 month well visit!

I should also add that she turned 27 weeks old today know, any time I can toss in her weekly pic in a post I will :) Still going strong for #52weeksofJandJ too. Woot.

Anyways, I went into work a smidgen late so I could run Annie to the doc...where she had a great overall checkup!

Our little lady is a little chunk!  She's actually growing just great, but is so much smaller than Rosie was at 6 months old!  Rosie had 2 pounds on her!  Haha!  But Annie does have some great rolls and chunkiness to her which is just adorable too.

Anyways, Annie pretty much game-faced the doc the entire visit, which was great, because stone-faced is better than a teary face, right?!  I think she knew she was getting some shots.  Eekkk.

We worked on sitting up for a bit before the doc came in with her and gosh all of her little rolls kill me!  So.darn.cute.

Anyways, all looks good for Annie Banannie at 6 months!  The doc was happy she started solids (albeit literally JUST started a few days ago...) and pushing to do cereals and more purees (ick) because she needs iron.  I don't doubt she needs iron but golly, she'll get it!  Rosie didn't start solids until like 8 months and she's fine, so I'm sure if Annie doesn't have iron-laced foods RIGHT NOW but will eventually she'll be good to go.  I love our doc but that's the one thing I disagree with is the pushy immediacy of solids and purees.  I like how Annie is exploring them herself and learning to feed we're gonna continue to roll with that.

Our doc was super happy she is rolling over both ways (something the other 2 weren't really good at until much later!) and pushing up and exploring things with her eyes and head.  Definitely hitting all of her milestones and is just a happy and chill as can be!  Still sleeping a good 12 hours a night with a 3ish hour nap during the day...eating like a champ too.  Seriously, the happiest and easiest baby ever that will most definitely sucker us into a 4th! Haha!

She did get 2 terrifying shots and an oral vaccine but cried for, not kidding, 10 seconds, long enough to well up some alligator tears, then she was completely fine.  Such a drama queen.  She must get it from her big sissy.  Those tears are worth it though sister bear, we love our vaccines and what they do for us.

All in all, it was a great checkup all around for Annie!  Here's to a happy and healthy next 3 months and no surprise visits to the doc in between time :)

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