It was gorgeous tonight and we miraculously finished up dinner early so we decided to saddle up the kiddos and take a little walk, something we LOVE doing but we don't get to do nearly enough!

Patrick rode his "motorcycle" and Mike pushed the girls + Scoots in the double stroller.  The lighting was just PERFECT (that golden hour glow I just looooooove) so I brought my camera and snapped a few pics along the way.

Rosie "walked" Scoots for like 10 feet and then he was DONE cause he's old and lazy so he perched himself on the stroller and got to be pushed which he loved, naturally.

Aren't they cute?!  Love my crew!

Annie is allllll about smiling on command (most days!) and then trying to grab my camera or phone whenever I have it pointed in her face...I'm trying to teach her to embrace it and just get use to it cause it never will stop.  Ever.  Hehehe.

I bribed Rosie with a cake pop if she'd let me take some pics of her on the path and fortunately it worked -- I love her jumping (or levitating?!) pics!  That marigold dress looks soooooo good with the green scenery of the path...I may have to get her out there in that dress again for some more snaps.

Fortunately Patrick doesn't really need to be bribed anymore, he just gives in and goes with any pics I want taken of him which is WONDERFUL.  Hope that lasts...and hope Rosie follow suits soon too.

Annie was oh-so-cooperative as always and sat for about 15 seconds -- just long enough for me to snap a few pics and catch her mid falling over.

Ahhhh, what a wonderful night we had on our little walk soiree!  Now that school has started back up I'm alllll about bringing on fall as fast as possible.  Happy hump day friends!  Have a great one!

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