Mommy's Favorite Things

First I should note that I haven't ever been a fan of the title "mommy"; however, despite pushing "mom" or "mama" on my kids, they haven't caught on and still refer to me as!  Mommy's Favorite Things is the title of this post...cause I'm learning to just embrace what my kids do and say because it takes way less energy than trying to change things :) Haha!

Anywho, today was a RARE Sunday -- no photoshoots booked (WHAT??!!) and we honestly had nada on our agenda!  CRAZY!  So when Mike got home and went to sleep I got up with the kiddos and decided to do a little Sunday fun of mom here's most favorite things: pictures and Target adventures.

I was showing Patrick photos on my phone and he saw the ones from back in July at the color wall and he was saying how he wished he was able to go get pictures there too.  Welp, I decided that would be a great adventure for us four this morning so we packed up the van and off we went!

I looooove the snaps we got.  The big kids had a blast playing by the wall and puddles and then entertained my idea for a few group snaps before we headed out (cause even though it was cloudy (yay for that for 10am pics!) it was HOTTTT).

So cooperative they were.  Mostly.  Haha!  Annie was hungry and wasn't feeling the group pics today.  Oh well, I love her RB face anyways.  Haha!

Before we left Patrick asked if he could snap some pics with my camera, and, duh!  Of course he could!  I was only mildly terrified that my uber-expensive camera was entrusted to a 4 year old with 3 feet of concrete beneath him, but he held tight and got some great snaps of Ro and the girls!

Seriously, aren't those ^^^ pics he took awesome!?  I obviously edited them but he 100% snapped them himself! I'm training him up well I guess :)

So after the color wall we packed up and headed to my next favorite spot: Target.  I figured since I had my camera with me and didn't want to leave it in the car I should take some pics of the kiddos (sans Annie, she was in her carrier) in my favorite store, right?! RIGHT.

We definitely didn't get as many snaps in Target cause it was SO CROWDED and both of them were getting lunch hungry and not in the mood to pose (although they both did at different times and it was awesome!) but I love how these cosmetic aisle snaps turned out!

Patrick asked again for my camera and again I ignored the tile floor beneath him and thoughts of my beloved baby shattering in a zillion pieces and handed it to him and he snapped a bunch of pics of Rosie!  He only snapped a few before handing it back to me, but I love what he got, primarily this one:

We then headed off to the pond to visit Goose and then went to lunch with my dad before calling it a successful and fun morning and heading home for siestas all around!

Gosh I love when I can share some of my favorite things (snapping, colorful fun settings, and Target!) with my kiddos AND when they ask to participate and snap some pics too.  Just the best!  Hope you have a great Sunday...and great week ahead friends!

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