Annie's Food Adventures

I know I said I was gonna wait a bit longer, but Annie girl really does seem so interested in food, soooooo, we decided we'd do some baby led weaning action and go for it!

Basically, my approach to food with Annie is simple: let her guide us.  Let her be the one to pick up the food, mash it up (whether in her hands or mouth), and eat it.  I am no anti-spoon feeding or purees, I am just lazier (or busier??!) with this kid and I think it'd benefit everyone if Annie did the work for the food and learned to just eat what we're eating!  So!  doing some baby led weaning with her and thus far it's going great!

Obviously breastmilk is still her #1 source of nutrients and food, but we're letting her have some soft food everyday now so she can get better about tasting different types of foods and (most importantly!) learning to feed herself!

(Side note: we totally will be using pureed pouches and such when we're out and about because they are awesome and so easy and convenient for travel.)

Annie's first food was bananas and she really seemed to enjoy them!  She was actually really good about using her gums (still no teeth!) to mash them up and even great about using her fat little fingers to pick them up and eat them too!

I obviously over-documented the heck out of her eating.  Sorry.  Not really.

She also enjoys eating puffs too, as she's been eating those every now and again for the past couple weeks.  Get it girlfriend.

After bananas we tried peas and she seemed to like those too!  I mean, didn't really put up too much of a fight and was good about trying to grab them and put them in her mouth.  Yes, she made a huge mess but for her first soiree with anything solid I'd say she did pretty darn good.

Today we tried avocados and, much like her mama here, she was not a fan (don't blame her!  They're gross!)...but even though she didn't seem to like them she kept picking them up and putting them back in her mouth -- that cracked me up.  Haha.  Maybe she'll learn to like them?!  I got a few more avocados so I'm sure we'll try it again.

Anyways, just wanted to share a quick update with Annie's food adventures!  We have her 6 month appointment on Tuesday and now I feel good about telling her doc that she HAS started solids and DOES have foods she likes already, and we're introducing new ones every couple of days.  Woo hoo, go Annie go!  I sure hope you have the same palate as your big siblings and dad who seem to love and eat everything that's put in front of you!  Fingers crossed!!

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