Solar Eclipse 2017

Wow.  Just wow.  The solar eclipse on 8/21/2017 was one of the coolest things I've ever seen and got to experience.  It was incredible!  More on that in a bit...

I dropped the kiddos off at school that morning -- their first time going together since on Rosie's 1st day Patrick was sick and then the next day she didn't go cause she doesn't go on Fridays!  So anyways their first day together was eclipse day and they were so excited about it!  Patrick was going to watch it with his class and Rosie was going to go out one-on-one to watch it with her teacher.

Mike and Annie were at home for it and they clearly were THRILLED about watching it. Haha!  Mike actually put Annie down for a nap after lunch then headed outside before he went to sleep to watch the totality!

He sent me ^^ these snaps -- how freaking cool were the shadows on the ground?!  So neat.

I was at school for the eclipse and as much as it bummed me out that school wasn't canceled it turned out to be an awesome day (I so love where I work!) and it was SO MUCH FUN watching it with all of my co-workers and students!

I snapped a few pics through my solar glasses with my iPhone...I was too chicken to bring my real camera (even with a solar filter) however I totally will for the next one in 2024 that the totality goes through about an hour south of us (at my aunt's lake! WOOT!).  I do wish I'd have brought my camera to snap the totality where you didn't need a special filter (SO MUCH REGRET!) but oh well.  Gah, what a cool event it was to see with my actual eyes though!

I did steal these pics from my amazing hairdresser/fellow photographer Kent -- he is just amazing with his captures, isn't he?!

When I picked the kids up from school they couldn't stop talking about the eclipse!  They thought it was so freaking awesome, especially Patrick.

He immediately wanted to look at the sun with his cool glasses when we got home and offered to let me look through them too.  Sweetest boy ever.

The kiddos then got to enjoy their special eclipse day treats eating Moon Pies that NeeNee got them!  They had to send her a cute little thank you message for their treats.

Annie got to do a little fit-testing of this sweet new henley June & January jumper that we snagged in a sample bundle last week -- these drop on 9/8 and OMG I WANT THEM ALL!  They are so awesome and will probably be our go-to 'onesie' for the fall and winter.  They are soooo good.  And she's got plenty of room to grow in the 6/12 size!

I freaking LOVE the video quality on my mark IV camera so I've been trying to do more little videos like ^^ this and put cute little music to them whenever I have my camera out.  Gosh isn't she just the cutest?!  I can't handle it sometimes!

Mike was snoozing still so we packed up and went to hang with my dad (my mom was still at my aunt's lake from the eclipse watch party they had down there) for dinner and until bath/bedtime so Mike could sleep in peace and the kids could be loud and crazy...or in Annie's case try peanut butter (yay no reactions to it!) and Rosie's case accessorize and be fabulous.  Haha!  Patrick then told Gramps all about the eclipse and how much he enjoyed watching it.

All in all it was an awesome eclipse day and I am SO GLAD we got to see it and were in the path of totality!  I cannot wait for the next one in 2024 and am so glad we're so close to the totality path for that one too!! Hopefully I'll have some awesome pics for that :) Stay tuned!!

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