Rosie's 1st Day of 2s Preschool

Today was Rosie's first official day of preschool!  As I posted about earlier this week, we decided to put Rosie in preschool a year earlier than we planned because she was just SO READY it seemed and we really felt like we'd be doing her a disservice if we didn' off she goes!

I made her a stats board just like Patrick and she helped me the other night fill it out with all of her details and stats and things she loves.  That actually happened right before I took the color video because she kept saying what color I was using to write with!  Such a smart cookie she is.

Anyways, her first day of school went better than I thought!  I was so excited that they are both dropped off in the same 'early care' room before their actual school and classes start.  This was going to make it easy since she has her PatPat with her in the mornings (and makes drop off a breeze for me!).  However, guess who woke up not feeling good and barfing and couldn't go to school?!  PATRICK!  So of course Mike and I were like "Uh, we didn't plan for this!" Mike stayed home and awake with Patrick and Annie (if it wasn't my first day of actual classes I would have stayed home and let Mike snooze) and I took Rosie to school, mildly terrified how it was going to go...

Shockingly it went seamlessly.  No tears, she went to playing and was happy as a little clam, even without her PatPat there!  WIN!  I told her bye, she waved and said, "Bye mommy." And off I went to school!  I was so impressed!

Her class has an app that they log everything -- pictures included! -- in that they do during the day and I get notifications of all of the things she's up to which is SO AWESOME.

Much like yesterday I couldn't wait for 3:30 to come to pick up both kids and hear all about Rosie's first day of school!  I got there about 3:15 and had to wake her up from her siesta, but once she got up she was so happy to see me and said goodbye to her teacher and off we went!

She didn't say too much other than she played with playdoh, ate all of her snacks, and painted.  She did say she had fun and can't wait to go back Monday, so I'd say it was a great day for her!

That ^^ was definitely my favorite pic I took of her today!  Something about it just makes me loooooove it.  The sunflare, innocence of her getting ready to leave, and just everything. I really love it.

Anyways, all in all Rosie had a great day and I really think she's going to learn a TON this year in her 2s class.  I'm secretly hoping potty training is one of the things she learns...and maybe quickly!  Haha!!  Anyways, I cannot wait to see all that she does and how much she grows.  As much as I hate seeing the days go by quickly and my kids seemingly go from babies to school-age in the blink of an eye, it is fun to watch them grow and experience new things and learn.  You betcha I'll keep you posted on all that she does this school year!!!

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