Rosie's Colors

Maybe my shortest post ever?!  Maybe?!!

Anyways, I felt like this little video deserved its very own post...

This is 110% the reason why we are putting Rosie in preschool a year earlier than we anticipated...girlfriend is smart!  Obviously I'm incredibly biased (#mom) but yeah, she is a smart cookie and is so attentive to things, loves learning, knows her colors, ABCs, and can count to 20, and a ton of other things.

We didn't start Patrick in preschool until he was 3, but we decided to put Rosie in a 2s preschool program because she is SO READY for school (way more ready than her big brother was at 2!) and we really feel like we'd be doing her a disservice in the long run if we didn't.

So!  Rosie and her color knowledge are off to their first day of school on Thursday!  I'm sure I'll have a post allllll about that just for her (Patrick starts tomorrow) but yeah, girlfriend is gonna do awesome things this year and learn a TON if this video is any indication!

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