Last week I sent off my 14,000th ounce of breast milk since I started donating about 4 years ago in the fall of 2013.  Oh boy did that feel good to do!  I try not to be too boastful and such about my milk sharing, but I also do want to celebrate this feat because I do think it is pretty cool how much I've been able to share over these years with other mamas out there looking for milk for their little ones!

I have seen some pics before about milk donation and I thought Annie would look so cute in her violet tank shorty (June & January, of course!) with some of her milk surrounding her for a snap to celebrate 14,000!  I've actually donated 4700 since March of this year, and I'm hoping to make it to 20,000 before I'm done pumping with Annie...we'll see if I get there!

Anyways, no other point to this post other than to YAY! be excited about sending off my 14,000th ounce of mama's milk (and yes, for those wondering, OCD Alex over here has a note in her phone with every donation, amount, and who it went to since 2013!).  Can't wait to see what that number is up to when I'm done pumping for good!  Haha! Stay tuned!

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