Annie at 6 Months

Seriously. Half.a.year.old.  I cannot believe!  It freaking flew by.  Not kidding.  I go back to work tomorrow (WAHHH) and really cannot believe that I'm writing this post because I feel like I just had her and now here I am writing about her half birthday and tomorrow she'll be closer to 1 than being born and omg my emotions are going crazy about that.  GAH!  Moving on.

Annie turns 26 weeks tomorrow, so here's her wonderful weeks 1 through 25 stats collage (which fit really nicely into a square! WOOT!) for her first 6 months of life.

Annie goes back next week for her 6 month checkup, so until then, you're left with my wonderfully riveting mom stats!
  • Annie is still our little peanut but steadily growing and gaining weight!  She weighs 18lbs 1ox and probably is about 27ish inches give or take.  She's about 2.5ish pounds smaller than the other two were at 6 months; both of them were right around 20 pounds.  However I think she'd still be around the 80th percentile for weight so definitely not petite by any doc's measuring!  Although we'll find out next week her official stats at her 6 month checkup.
  • Annie still is rockin' a lot of her 0/6 month June & January clothes -- a lot of them are oversized and she is still able to fit into them!  WOOT!  She does wear some 6/12 in J&J too on some of the things that run a bit truer to size.  In all other clothes she's in 6-9 months or 9 not too much bigger than her actual age. 
  • Ahhh, nicknames.  Obviously her real name is Ann and we don't ever call her that; she's usually just Annie.  Annie Banannie is another one (even Patrick calls her that!) and of course sissy and sister bear, just like we did (and still do!) call Rosie!
  • Still a freaking amazing sleeper.  She wins for best Mooney baby sleeper thus far.  No sleep regressions (knock on wood!) yet (hopefully ever!) and consistently sleeps 12-14 hours a night.  Goes down around 7-8pm and sleeps till usually 8-9am the next morning.  Amazing.  
  • Takes one nap a day usually from 12:30/1pm until 3:30/4pm.  Some days she wakes up after 2.5 hours or so, but usually takes a solid 3+ hour siesta in the afternoon.  She goes down wide awake for naps and bed and I literally never hear a peep out of her; she's a master self-soother and just falls asleep on her own!
  • Annie is a rolling over PRO!  She has mastered back to belly and usually flips to her belly ASAP when she's on her back (she prefers to snooze on her tummy now!), but hasn't quite mastered belly to back.  She CAN do it and has done it several times, but it's not as easy to do as back to belly is...and she gets frustrated easily and wants to be back on her back!  I'm sure she'll keep working on it!
  • She still is exclusively breastfeed.  I mean, she's tried puffs a couple times and I don't know if she's even gotten any down her gullet, but even so I don't count that as her first food.  I'm sure our ped will be pushing us to start solids ASAP next week 😕 and I just don't think she's we're still gonna wait a bit.  And I may just skip the baby food altogether and go straight to whatever we're eating cause it's easier and baby food is icky.  I do like the pouches though when we're out and about but other than that I'll just cut up what we're eating and she can have that...and if she doesn't fine.  She can still drink herself silly with milk.
  • Big milestones this month include consistently rolling over and moving (she can kick her feet and move herself all over the place; she is never in the same spot when I lay her down to sleep and when she gets up in the morning!) and lots and lots of chit chatting and babbling.  She makes these sounds that sound like a dinosaur and it's the funniest thing ever.  I'm wondering if she's gonna be a chatterbox like Rosie.
  • Not sitting up yet -- this is the ONLY milestone I'm in a big hurry for her to do because it makes things SO MUCH EASIER (and photos SO MUCH EASIER!!) when she can sit up by herself!  We're working on it and I'm hoping by 7 months I'm reporting she's a pro at it!  Both of the other 2 were sitting up on their own by 6 months so I'm hoping Annie isn't too far behind!
  • No toothers for this little lady yet, although I think they're coming?  Maybe?  She drools like CRAZY and I keep swearing I see 2 little teeth on the bottom but I don't feel anything yet so who freaking knows.  You'd think by the third kid I'd have this down pat and know what to look for but NOPE.
  • Annie LOVES her teether toys (monkey, banana, donut, and her recently discovered munch mitt) and her rattle stuffed elephant her godmama and aunt Erin got her when she was born.  She likes chewing on anything that she can put in her mouth!  She likes her sit me up chair and exersaucer but gets bored after a while and wants OUT.  Still loves to be held and cuddled whenever possible (don't we all?!).
  • I usually play on my iPhone when I'm feeding her and this past month I either cannot do it or have to do it slyly where she can't see it cause she will pull off my boob to stare at whatever is on my phone!  Girlfriend likes her tech toys I guess :)  She has this thing on the side of her crib and she is OBSESSED with it -- as soon as it comes on she turns her head and stares mesmerizingly at it.
  • Annie is totally the most chill, happy baby EVER.  She loves to smile at any and everything (especially her big bro and sis) and is so laid back and easy.  I feel like I'm gonna jinx things writing this but whatever, I have to document what this chick has been up to!  And really she is so happy and complacent and just awesome.  I cannot imagine life without her!
Now your favorite: comparison pics!

And lastly, my own my how Annie banannie has grown!

Well friends, that's it!  Next month we'll officially be on the downhill slope to ONE and I cannot believe it.  Hopefully time will slow down a bit (ha, yeah right) but regardless, we love you oh-so-much Annie girl!  We cannot imagine life without you!

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