Rosie Wednesday

Photo dump! Ha!  I came right out of the gate to warn you about that one :)

Rosie's new June & January playdress came in the mail (and I have major regret only ordering one cause I thought I'd hate them and quite the opposite I love them and want SO MANY MORE.) and I decided to snap a few quick pics of her in it and it fastly turned into a full-blown Rosie shoot on a Wednesday evening.

I mean, is she not completely totally full of so much personality and sass?!  I can't handle her sometimes!

So I've been going back and forth with what edit I love more on these -- the color or black and white.  I couldn't decide so you're getting a taste of both here :) I've been really partial lately to the black and white so Im leaning towards those.

Anyways!  A gigantic photo dump of my biggest little lady for you.  I hope you enjoyed seeing these -- she is my spirit animal and I want her curls and dimples and spunky personality and everything about her!

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