The Dentist

This morning was a first for some of flock: a dental visit!  The kiddos FINALLY got added to our dental coverage so we got them in for their first cleaning and visit with their new dentist!

Mike brought donuts home this morning and I was like, "Oh perfect breakfast right before we go get their teeth cleaned..." and he thought that too but whateves.  YOLO, right?!  Patrick had been asking for donuts for breakfast so Mike delivered!

We all herded off to the dentist after breakfast and scrubbing their teeth -- my mom came with us so she could watch Annie in the waiting room (so Mike could then just sleep!) while I went back with the big kids.  They both were excited -- Patrick kept saying in the car, "I'm not nervous at all!" and Rosie would agree.  Pretty sure she had no clue what we were going to do but just going along with what her big bro was saying.  So typical.  Annie was good as gold and just sat there and smiled and let her dimples and leg rolls poke anyone in the eye who looked at her. Hehehe.

Once we go the paperwork filled out and what not they got the kids back ASAP.  This is a new to us office and I really liked it -- so did the kids.  I could go back with them and be there for their entire appointment!  Patrick was a rockstar -- he got his teeth cleaned and x-rays and LOVED it.  Said he couldn't wait to go back.  Rosie, on the other hand, was not having it.  She was alllll about it and then when it was her turn: NOPE.  Did not want to do it.  So I didn't force her and made another appointment for 6 months out and hopefully she'll change her tune for getting her teeth cleaned by then. Hopefully.

See?!!  Wasn't having it.

And I don't have any pics from any of the actual cleaning (boo hoo!) because they had very big signs saying NO PICS OR VIDEOS during the cleaning so I was being a good rule follower and not secretly snapping any.  I took these of Ro while we were waiting for Patrick to get done with his xrays.  The dentist did come in and want to just look at her teeth which she promptly lost.her.shiz about (I had to hold her down) but then as soon as he was done BAM.  Tears gone and she was totally fine.  HELLLLLO drama llama.

Anyways, Patrick did AWESOME and if you ask Rosie she says she was good and did awesome too (welp, kind of...).  Neither of them had any cavities (!!!) and the dentist said each of their 20 baby teeth they both had looked great.  So we'll be back to visit in February for their next cleaning!  WOOT!

The kids got balloons and a goodie bag with a bouncy ball and toothbrush, toothpaste, and stickers in it and were SO EXCITED for their loot.  Since they did as good as I expected, we then headed to the park to meet our buddies to play a bit before lunch.

Patrick LOVED playing with his friend Hannah and Rosie had a blast chasing them around and playing with her friend Campbell.  I much enjoyed chatting with their mama Lindsey and oogling at little baby Noah!  All of Lindsey's kids are exactly 6 weeks younger than mine, so they'll all be in the same grades at Kirkwood schools!  How fun, right?!

We then decided to hit up MOD with uncle Charlie and NeeNee and Patrick clearly was SO excited. SO EXCITED.

@SnapsbyPatrick asked for my phone at lunch and took this gem of "lunch", as he titled his IG post caption.  He kept telling Charlie and NeeNee that he has his own Instagram that he posts his pictures he takes on.  I was beaming with pride over my little picture-taking tech junkie.  Ahhh, proud mama.

After lunch we then bid NeeNee and Charlie farewell and headed home for some naps all around.  The girls passed out SO FAST and Patrick got out his couch to relax on because I think everyone (myself included!) were tired and exhausted from our jam-packed morning!

Oh sweet summertime, won't you stay forever?!  Busy and chaotic but I love you so and I am desperately going to miss you come Tuesday when I'm back to work!  Have a good weekend friends!

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