Spectra S2 vs. 9 Plus Review

Not long ago I wrote a review on the Spectra S2 breast pump I have.  Welp, recently I purchased the Spectra 9 plus and thought I'd write up a little review on that and compare my new 9 plus to the S2!  So, fair warning, if you're not elbow deep into that pumpin' life now or ever, maybe skip this post, mmmkay?!

A special thanks, as always, to the world's most cooperative dog Scooter for helping me create these eye-catchy snaps for this post...cause no one wants to see me in that position when they could see Scoots, right?!

Okay!  So I've read a few reviews out there about these two pumps and some comparison ones.  As much as I appreciate them, I wanted to test drive the 9 plus myself and give my two-cents on it as well.  A lot of what I wrote about the S2 applies also to the 9 plus (closed system, bigger bottles, digital display, etc...) however there are some differences that I thought I'd easily highlight in a handy-dandy little chart below.

Spectra S2Spectra 9 Plus
closed system (aka doesn't allow water/moisture/milk into the tubes and pump)
digital display with clock & backlight
Powerful suction that is gentle on the girls
Can use as a single or double electric pump
can control speed & suctioncan control suction only
not portable; must be plugged inportable; battery operated
Super quietquiet, but louder than the S2
size of a small watermelon; about 3 poundsTINY; size of a thick iPhone & super portable
can be used and abused multiple times a dayshould not be used as your all the time everyday pump

So there are my biggest observations about the S2 and 9 plus.  The probably most important thing with the 9 plus is that it is a portable pump -- meaning it's great to take with you to pump on the go, but should not be used as your regular everyday pump.  I don't think it would last very long as being an everyday pump and I don't think it was meant to be more than an occasional use pump.

However, these two are definitely comparable.  I always pump with my S2 after I feed Annie at lunchtime once I put her down for her nap and usually get around 8-10oz.  I pumped today using the 9 plus and got 9.5 ounces, so I'd say production and output wise the 9 plus is the same as the S2!  One thing I think the S2 beats the 9 plus about is that you can control the speed and suction; with the 9 plus you can only control the suction.  However, I got the same output with the 9 plus despite lack of control speed so I guess it was okay!

The S2 is definitely quieter than the 9 plus, but they're both still not very loud.  And you can use them both as a single or double pump by closing off the other valve with the closing clasp.

The 9 plus definitely wins for portability -- it's TINY and like a thick iPhone!  Super portable and you can get about 4-5 20 minute sessions out of it on one charge (it takes the same charging cable as the S2).  It is sooooo handy to go out and about with and not having to worry about finding an outlet...which is exactly why I got it to take with me on quick weekend trips (I have a couple girls' weekends coming up!), weddings we're snapping (cause I can't go 9+ hours without pumping!), or any conferences away from school.  I love it already!

Okie dokie -- so there it is.  Bottom line: powerful wise, I'd say these pumps are both comparable.  Portability wise the 9 plus wins hands-down.  But for your everyday regular pump that you're logging a lot of hours in, the S2 takes the cake with that.

I hope this is helpful to some of my fellow (or future fellow!) pumpin' mamas!  If you get an S2 or 9 plus let me know how you like it!

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