Joey & Jason's Baptism

Have I posted about this yet?!  If not, sorrrrryyyy.  Late to the game.  But!  Mike and I were asked a few weeks ago to be the twins' godparents!

Jason sent me this lovely text message asking if I'd be his godmother, and Mike got a similar one from Joey!  We both were like YES DUDE!  We will!  Katie's brother Adam and his wife Sarah were the other ones -- so Mike and Sarah are Joey's godparents and myself and Adam are Jason's!  Matt and Katie thought it'd be fun to have one from each family for each of the boys.

Anywho, today was their baptism day!  We were all super excited for it, and we decided to just go to the baptism and skip church because we knew the kids would be good for church then their fun meters would expire and they'd be awful during the baptism, and Mike had to work last night and could use a few hours of ZZZs before, so just to the baptism we went!

I tossed the kiddos in some matching outfits and snapped a few pics (in the backyard, per Patrick's request...I was just gonna do it in the living room) before we woke Mike up and headed out.

There was suppose to be a third baptism along with the boys but they were a no-show so it was just the twins!

I snapped a few pics before I handed my camera off to my buddy Ann -- I usually am the photog for family events but since I was in this one Katie asked if I wouldn't mind if Ann used my camera to snap!

Ann, if you're reading this, I'm serious: you did an awesome job snappin' the baptism!  Your pics were great and you really did awesome and captured everything Matt and Katie wanted captured!  Well done my friend :) Maybe I'll hire you as a second shooter sometime :)

The baptism went great (and was pretty quick! woot!) and the big kids were relatively well-behaved running around and being not too loud during the ceremony.  We are so happy to welcome Joey and Jason into the Catholic faith and both Mike and I are so happy to be their godparents!

We then went over to Matt and Katie's for a lunch reception and, can you believe it, I only snapped THIS ONE pic while we were there!

I told Ann that we really named Annie after her, the story that we named her after our moms and grandmas was just a facade :) Hehehe

Patrick and Rosie ran around like crazy with their cousin and friends and it was a blast getting to catch up with some of our friends and family while the kiddos played.  We then waved our white flag and headed home for naps for the girls and a 'nights sleep' for Mike...and then I sat down to edit baptism pics and write this here blog post for you!

Anyways, Mike and I are thrilled to be the boys' godparents and we're so happy that they have been baptized into our church!

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