There's been a whole lotta nappin' round these parts lately.  Since Mike’s vacay is over (wahhh! That went too fast!!) he’s back working (and busy as ever because people won’t stop killing each other) so needing to sleep (or nap?!) during the day.

When Mike got up from his "nap" yesterday we darted off to the pool for a bit before my twilight mini session and the kids had a blast running around like crazy at the pool and splash pad.  I loooooove that splash pad so much and that it's literally next to the baby pool.  So awesome.

One of my favorite things to do is to go check on my babes before I got to bed and kiss them goodnight.  Lately they have been so exhausted and have been in the cutest and funniest sleeping positions so naturally I needed to snap some pics to commemorate it because I'm sure I'll blink and they'll be in high school before I know it.

We went to the pool this morning and Mike was allllllll about that nap life.

I posted ^^^ this on my instagram stories and it's pretty accurate.  Asked Mike to watch the big kids and BAM!  Nap time ensued.  Haha.  And I love tot time because I can literally watch all three no problem because there's not far for them to go.

While we were at the pool this morning the kiddos wore their adorable mint June & January swimsuits and I asked them for a pic and BAM.  Look at the poses they struck!  Aren't they something else?!  Patrick especially with that hip pop kills me.

While Mike napped away (haha, not really, but I let him relax and keep Annie company while I snapped the kiddos) Patrick and Ro got some serious playtime with their cousin Lizzy who joined us at the pool this morning. 

After the pool we went to another one of the "dogs with the cops" in one of the Kirkwood parks and the kids had a blast eating and running around like crazy and tiring themselves out.  It was a warm morning so by the time it came to go home the kids were literally drenched with sweat. But!  They all went down for a nap (or rest for Patrick) with no complaints and fell asleep instantly.  Mike then went down "for the night" and snuck into Annie's room to snap a few snoozing pics of her...

Buttttttt I got a little excited and my shutter was a little too snappy happy and BAM.  Girlfriend woke up.  So I rolled with it and kept snappin' a happy little Annie.

I think turned her sound machine back on and back asleep she went.  Seriously.  World's most chillest babe.  She's a dream.  Hope I'm not jinxing it...

I then darted off to run to the grocery store while everyone was still snoozing, which I got in and out in 10 minutes and hot dang so much easier to do without little ones in tow.

Once the kiddos got up they had snacks (fruit bowl > candy) and Annie chewed on her new donut teether.

Patrick also serenaded me with his "Fruit of the Spirit" song he learned in school which is like the cutest thing EVER.  I hope they keep singing it this year too and that Rosie learns it as well.

We then had a quick dinner, baths, and the kids absolutely CRASHED and I was able to whip this blog post up for you :) I'll end this riveting Friday night blog post with a few Rosie "shake your booty" videos for you.  Have a great weekend friends!

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