Lake of the Ozarks

Ahhh, what a fun little weekend we had!  I realized I hadn't bloggity blogged anything for you since last Wednesday (oops) but we were having a blast on our quick little weekend getaway to the Lake of the Ozarks before I realized I hadn't shared any pictures or stories with you!

Anyways, we darted off to the Lake for a 4 day getaway (Mike was able to get off, double yay!) to my brother in law's aunt's house.  Um, this house is GIGANTIC.  Like 11k square feet with 7 bedrooms and 9 bathrooms.  It was plenty big for our Mooney clan of 16 to fit comfortably with everyone having their own bed and bathroom.

Honestly I don't even really know where to start this post because we've done a lot of nothing these past few days and it's been so awesome.  Definitely as relaxing as it could be with 3 kids 4 and under!  Fortunately our house had a pool so we spent a'many hours playing in that.  And, um, INCREDIBLE views this place had too!

 We left Friday morning relatively early and we shockingly were all in chipper moods on our 3ish hour drive to the lake.

Almost instantly as soon as we got there the kids wanted to go swimming, so after a quick lunch of McDs (and Annie went down for a siesta) we hopped in the pool and swam swam swam!  The kids loved having uncle Brian there to throw them high in the air too.

Annie was such a trooper and took full advantage of all of her sitting spots I brought along with us so she could enjoy the fun too.  She has serious FOMO so I always make sure she’s got a good spot and can see the show.

After some rest time and pizza for dinner, we took in the sunset on one of the balconies and OMG it didn’t disappoint!  I got out my big camera for some snaps too and I think they turned out great.

Once all of the kids went down (which was way harder than it seemed because Lizzy was in the same room as Patrick and Rosie and she was not use to having others in her room and that just made her crazy and wild and not wanting to go to bed! Soooo it took a bit to get everyone settled down but they crashed) the adults got some swim time too...which was awesome.

On Saturday we got up and after some snuggles and piano playing we got in the pool and swam it up!  Gosh I love my GoPro -- what great snaps we were able to capture!  Annie joined us for a swim that morning too and I think she really enjoyed it as well.  She loved lounging in her little pool float and being able to see all of the action that was going on.  Patrick was KILLING IT for the posing game (gosh he cracks me up!!) and we managed to get a family snap -- well, kind of :) -- in the pool too.  Ahhh, life with 3.

After rest time Patrick captured this gem of us -- Mike and I both had our very appropriate shirts on and Patrick so lovingly snapped a pic to capture that for us.  Could be more accurate of sayings for us :)

We then went to this yummy little Mexican restaurant for dinner and even though the kids were tired, they were SO GOOD.  Not whiny at all!  WOOT!  I got a buffalo chicken burrito and it was DELISH -- tasted like buffalo chicken dip inside a burrito! YUM!  We then got some ice cream before heading back again.

The kids are striking the most FABULOUS poses this week, and Saturday night was no exception! They were amazing.

Everyone enjoyed the sunset on the balcony again on Saturday night before we started the process of putting the big kids down.

Annie has been sleeping freaking awesome and goes down no big deal for naps or bedtime (I fortunately remembered her sound machine!  WIN!) but the big kids with Lizzy thrown in there have proved to be a wittle more challenging.  However, Patrick is so exhausted it takes him about 2 minutes to fall asleep and Rosie follows behind shortly.  I think once Lizzy realizes they’re asleep she gives up on her antics and goes down herself.

Sunday morning we got up and I got the kids breakfast and suits on with sunscreen because the big kids were going for a boat ride!  Kathy and I stayed back with the little babies (I get motion sick and did not want to go on a boat, and Matt and Katie really wanted to take Lizzy so Kathy (also not liking boats for motion sickness reasons) offered to watch the twins.

The three 2017 babies (which will be FOUR in less than 4 months!) were so good and played together and stared at each other and ate and fell asleep.  Gimme triplets, this was easy!  Haha!

The big kids and everyone else got back from the boat and they had an absolute blast -- I think they were tired but loved telling me all about their boat adventures.  Mike took the GoPro and got some great snaps of their trip!

The girls went down for siestas and that gave Mike and I some one-on-one time with our biggest dude...who REALLY loves jumping into the pool and swimming without his wings!

Mike really wanted to get some 'spinning football pics' so I got my big camera out and I think he was pretty happy with the result :)

We then took turns jumping in with Patrick (his favorite thing to do!) and snapping some pics of us doing it.  I think this little fish had a great time with just his mama and daddy all to himself today.

We then rested for a bit (and I got the girls up!) before dinner Sunday night.  We elected to stay in and get BBQ from a local joint and it was SO delish!  Paired nicely with Peach-a-Ritas :)

I snapped a few pics of the kiddos before I put Annie to bed...then came back down and everyone (minus Annie) was in the pool!

*snap by Patrick

We had a blast swimming and the kids got out just as the sunset and, not kidding, both were asleep 2 minutes after their heads hit the pillow!  Worn out doesn't even begin to describe them.

Mike had a few drinks with his brothers and swam some more and I elected to write this here blog post for you while watching them swim instead :)

We head out bright and early tomorrow morning cause Mike has to work tomorrow night (boo hoo) but what a blast of a weekend we had!  It was such a good relaxing (well, as relaxing as it came be with 3 kids 4 and under!) time we cannot wait to do it again soon!  Sorry for the long winded post, but I hope you've enjoyed our little weekend away soiree picture dump!  Have a great weekend friends!

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