I know you saw this pic ^^^ from our weekend at the lake -- Patrick is KILLING the posing game lately and I'm milking it for all it's worth.  Truthfully.

But to be fair Rosie is loving her posing game too and she cracks me up with her little side eye pose and "hands on her hips" (but not really).

Once we got back from the lake today we kinda just laid low until we went to dinner at my mom's before Mike headed into work.

Welp, the big kiddos were coordinating with their poppy June & January outfits, so, I do what I do best: tell them to stand in the driveway so I could snap a pic.

And they did, headlock in all.  Haha!

I then told them to strike a pose and OMG.  New favorite picture!  BAHAHAHAAAA!

I can't handle them.  Seriously.  Rosie and her sass especially!

Here's a little video of me telling them to work it.  Gosh they're a riot.

When we got home I decided to snap a few pics of Rosie after she took Scoots out (modeling her adorable new strawberry necklace) and OMG.  Girlfriend was killing the posing game again!

Gosh I cannot handle her.  She is so damn cute and such a little sassy diva.  I'm sure the teenage years are gonna be supppppppeeeeeerrrrrr fun.  Ickkk.  Welp let's ignore that for now and focus on how she's my little spirit animal :)

Anyways, I thought you'd enjoy this little poser post :) I'll end this Monday (that really feels like Sunday) post with two adorable pics of my biggest and littlest.  Have a good one friends!

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