Third Love Lovin'

It's no secret around here I talk about mom stuff A LOT...most notably any and all things dealing with nursing and pumping.

Gosh isn't that the truth?! I love that quote...and probably also why I love taking so many candid snaps of my kiddos because those unscripted moments are the best and what makes motherhood so incredibly awesome.

Okay, sorry, just had to share that...back on track!  I was so excited to hear that Third Love was coming out with their first ever nursing bra (!!!) -- I mean, when you're nursing and pumping for what feels like years upon yeares you really need something that keeps your girls happy and contained and Third Love hit it outta the ballpark with this.

I've had a few of Third Love's (non-nursing) bras and they're awesome -- super comfy, supportive, and I love how they make them sans-underwire because Alex's girls + underwire don't mix.

The coolest thing about these new nursing bras is that they not only have the easy open cups for quick access to the girls when trying to feed a ravenous baby (or get access for your pump), but they also have a front closure which makes it super easy for dressing...especially when you're half awake and sleep deprived and don't want to spend forever trying to fiddle with a back closure you can't see (or is that just me who has those problems?!)

These bad boys officially launched yesterday on July 20th and I have a feeling they're going to do very well because when you find a good nursing bra, you buy all the colors and basically never ever take it off.

You can check out their full nursing bra collection here -- they have both the classic nursing bra (made with flexible nylon-coated nickel-free wires) and (my favorite!) the classic wireless nursing bra.  They both come in nude and black.

If you are a nursing/pumping mama like myself and want to get your hands on one of these, head over to Third Love's nursing bra page and snag one!  You can use the code: TLJLY10 for 10% 🎉 off of your purchase.  Make your girls happy and go snag one today!

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