Lake Weekend

Oh what a fun weekend we had!  We wrapped up Mike's week off (well, he's still got a couple days left) with a trip to my aunt Kate's lake to celebrate the 4th of July early!  They had a concert and fireworks planned the weekend before the 4th so we decided to take the kiddos down for that!

I had this photoshoot bright and early Friday morning at 7:30am (so early! but the pics turned out awesome so it was worth it :) and then once I got home we got the car packed up, kids loaded, and headed out!

^^^ This.  All of this stuff was for a 48 hour trip.  So.much.stuff.  But all of it was necessary and got used...and we didn't even have to bring a pack and play or any kid beds for the big kids either!  Gah!  I'm scared to see how much stuff we're going to bring when we go to the Lake of the Ozarks for Mooney family vacay in a couple weeks.  EEKKK.

The kiddos were thrilled to be heading to the lake!  We first had a quick lunch and then went to the goat farm near Kate's Lake for some goat cheese.  The kids could have cared less about the cheese but were all over the goats!  I had my big camera with me and snapped a few pics...

Patrick's friend Rhea was there and he had a blast running around with her too!  Rosie was not about the goat life and didn't want to get anywhere close, but Patrick has gotten over a prior goat encounter from a few years ago and loved being near them!

After the goat farm, we headed to Kate's for a bit of down time before the concert that evening.

Annie wasn't a fan of napping in the pack and play (probably cause I stupidly forgot her white noise machine! Stupid move Alex!) so she and Mike had a siesta on the family room floor.  Rosie, on the other hand, was all about that nap life in the 'big girl bed' and she took a good little nap that afternoon!

I got ^^^ this portable baby seat on one of the Facebook swap sites and it was definitely the best purchase EVER.  It will forever remain in my van for outings like these cause it folds up nice and compact and is the perfect little baby seat for Annie!  She got a lot of use out of it all weekend long.

After a quick dinner of pizza from the Tradin' Post, Mike, Kate, and the big kids went up to the concrete jungle for a concert and I hung back with Annie.  Since she got not a great nap that day I decided she needed to go to bed early (and that she did! She was OUT by 7:30pm!) so I stayed back with her...I also hadn't been feeling great so I also was in bed by about 9pm!  That felt nice :) I did get to see a pretty nice sunset, and was kinda diggin' the blurry pic I snapped of it too.

Mike and Kate both sent me these videos and how freaking cute was Rosie tearin' up the dance floor?!  Girlfriend loves to dance and it's just the cutest thing ever.  I hope she never loses that spunk and 'don't care I'm dancing anyways' attitude!

The big kids both slept with Kate and she snapped this ^^^ pic and it's the cutest thing EVER.  They both love sleeping in her 'big bed' with her and these pics just melt my heart to see!!

Annie slept 13.5 hours on Friday night so that was wonderful -- girlfriend was happy and refreshed when she got up (or when I woke her up at 9am!) and was so happy to just chill in her seat until we were done with breakfast.  And Rosie gave her about five thousand kisses too which just makes my heart smile how much she loves her baby sissy.

The kids got these pool floats (donut for Rosie, hot dog for Patrick) and could.not.wait. to get to the pool to use them!  So that was the only thing on our agenda for Saturday.

Thank God for the van!  We were able to fit their floats in and Rosie was clearly THRILLED to share her space with the pool toys.  Ha!

Annie took a quick little siesta and then once she woke up EVERYONE got in the pool!  It was just a gorgeous Saturday with relatively no humidity which was wonderful and we spent a good 2+ hours at the pool before nap time!

Annie LOVED her pool float -- she was in there for a good hour and just smiled and loved floating around.  Patrick loved pushing her around the baby pool too which I didn't get a pic or video of (so much regret!) but it was pretty much the cutest thing EVER.

Mike and Patrick loved jumping on the hot dog on the side of the pool and I loved taking Boomerang videos of them doing it :)

When we got back Rosie took another siesta in the big girl bed, Annie took a nap with my mom (who came down for the day with my dad) outside on the blanket (again with the nap protesting in the pack and play!) and Patrick when for a Mustang cruise with my dad and Mike to get gas and buy some fireworks.  I obviously snapped pictures and documented it :)

After everyone got back and we started cooking dinner, Patrick wanted to go play in the lake and figured out the rope swing.  My mom took this slow-mo video of him doing it and this kid seriously has NO FEAR.  Such a brave 4 year old he is!

I got my big camera out too and snapped a few pre-dinner pics...

The weather was seriously gorgeous -- it was about 90 degrees but with no humidity it felt SO GOOD in the shade.  No one complained about the weather which is pretty much unheard of in early July in Missouri.

We had a yummy BBQ for dinner, complete with pork steaks and hot dogs and Kate's famous homemade mac and cheese.  After dinner we headed outside for some sparkler and firework fun before the big fireworks started on the lake.

The kids had a blast watching the fireworks they bought get set off and playing with sparklers.  Heck, Mike and I had fun with sparklers too!

Mike and I did a little time exposure with my camera (and a tripod!  YOU NEED a tripod to do these pics!) and sparklers and I love how the pics turned out!  We tried writing a bunch of different things but these were the best shots we got that turned out.  Definitely tabling this for photoshoots that have a recommendation for this!

After the fireworks were set off and we watched the together on the lake, we headed to bed.  Well, I did!  Haha!

Thankfully Annie slept right through all of the firework excitement (although she did wake up uncharacteristically at 4:15am, which she hasn't done in MONTHS, so not sure if it was cause she went to bed at 7pm or if something woke her up (dammit no sound machine!!) or something else, but I sure hope this isn't a new trend! She sleeps SO WELL!) and Rosie got a quick bath from me and laid down in Kate's bed until she came up as well.  Patrick slept on the floor of where my mom was sleeping and fell asleep about 2 seconds after his head hit the pillow!  I'd say they had a great day and were WORN OUT!

We got up Sunday morning and my mom made her famous "NeeNee toast" for breakfast and then Mike, Annie, and I headed out.  We had to pick Scoots up from his weekend away at Braxton's and I was anxious to get home to get Annie a siesta in her own bed as well as get the last of my summer school class' projects and finals graded and returned to them.  The big kids actually stayed at KiKi's -- they hit up the pool with NeeNee and Gramps this morning and are hanging with KiKi until after the 4th of July parade on Tuesday when they'll be back home for a family BBQ and fireworks with us.

Ahhhh, what a great weekend it was!  I wish I felt better (was battling a tummy bug and nasty headache most of the weekend) but even still we had a great time and had so much fun with the kids at our favorite lake destination!  These weekends truly are what summers are made of!  Have a great one friends and have a great 4th of July!

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