365 Matte Project Update

I realized, besides sliding it into random posts here and there, I really haven't done a formal update on my 2017 matte project!  The horror!

Welp today is day 210 (and I haven't posted a pic yet cause it's like 7:30am and my usual subjects are snoozin' away) and I successfully am 209/209 for the year! WOOT!  I did forget ON PATRICK'S BIRTHDAY!!! to post a pic -- I mean, I had it "matted" and everything and just forgot to post it!  Gah!  I guess I was too wrapped up in his birthday festivities and thought I did?! Whatever.  I posted it the next day so crisis averted...but that's my only slip up.

You can check out all of my pics on Instagram here (under #MooneyMatte365) -- and I've picked out a few of my favorites below too...

I am really diggin' this matte look for 2017.  Quite different from my black and white look from 2016, but I really love the challenge and documentation that comes with posting one pic each day for this project.  Would you believe me if I told you I'm already starting to think about 2018's project?!  Of course not :) I'm elbow deep in these yearly projects that I feel like I can't stop now after doing 2!

Anyways, so yay, project is going great and I'm loooooving how these snaps are lookin'.  Excited to see what the last half (gah! We're already over halfway through with 2017!  Where does the time go?!!) of 2017 ends up with my mattes.

And thank you to my Photoshop tutorial for putting these 209 snaps into a nice little collage below for you to oogle at.

Have a great one friends!!

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