Taking Stock

It was way over 3 months ago (almost 4!) when I last did a taking stock post...so I figured this fine (HOT) Thursday night would be a good time to dump some pics on your and do another one!  Excited, aren't you?!

Making: A list of everything I need to get done when school starts back up...a week from Tuesday for me.  Ugh.  As much as I'm trying not to think about it until August 1st, I definitely am because I do have quite a few things to do (most notably with the yearbook I'm the advisor for this year!) I need to get my ducks in a row about.

Cooking: Nothing but I am feeling some buffalo chicken dip about to be made as soon as I finish this taking stock post because YOLO.

Drinking: Water.  Lots and lots of water!  Nursing/pumping makes me SO THIRSTY all day long and I'm pretty sure I pound like 5-7 liters of water a day, if not more.

Reading: THIS -- and excited to have been featured on ShuttrPlace's photog blog!  ^^ That's a snap from my very first photoshoot ever (😬) and one from a recent one!  I've come a long way, haven't I?!!  Can't wait to see where I keep going!

Wanting: To live everyday like my spirit animal Rosie.  Girlfriend cracks.me.up. everything single day and tonight was no exception at our favorite pizza joint and how she was devouring her pizza.  Gosh I love her.

Looking: At the Fresh 48 snaps I took today and totally getting baby fever!  Annie isn't even 6 months old so I'm talking myself down out of that but stilllll...I've had oodles of newborns lately (and even more coming up along with 2 births within the next few weeks...hopefully!) and gosh the fever is strong!  God-willing we will have a fourth sometime in the future.

Playing: This song and definitely concluding that it's a good fit for the Fresh 48 video I'm whipping up for my client from today.  Gosh I love that song.  Side note: it played on the ER episode when Carol Hathaway had her twins so I feel like it's a good fit for a newborn bebe video.

Wishing: This summer didn't go by so freaking fast.  I mean, I've essentially had 6 months off work (well, from actually going, minus a few half day weeks in may) and I should be feeling super grateful (and I am!) that I had so much time off but still, gosh it flew by.  Gonna miss spending all of my days with my bebes when I'm back in school and Patrick and Ro start shortly after.

Enjoying: Looking at the quick snaps of Ro and Annie in their matching June & January blush dot outfits I took from earlier today.  I mean, I'm incredibly biased but golly they are freaking adorable, aren't they?!  And those outfits are PERFECTION.  I cashed in a $200 shop credit for them too.

Loving: All of the sessions I've had recently -- I have been SO busy with snappin' that very few days go by without having a shoot booked!  Kinda crazy because even last year I'd have maybe one a week and now I'm having like at least 3 a week!  Nuts!  But I love it.

Pondering: If I'm going to tackle writing up any TinySuperheroes stories tonight after I finish this blog post.  I've been blogging for TinySuperheroes now but have been slammed with photoshoots I haven't gotten to blog a lot lately...hoping once I get back into the school routine (and less weekly photoshoots) that I can start cranking them out again.

Considering: How blessed and lucky I am to be a mama of these kiddos ^^ (and Annie, not pictured...she was snoozing!).  They crack me up everyday and their posing lately is KILLING me.  They love their Mitz Accessories outfits and so do I -- they pair so nicely with any June & January clothes and they just look so dang cute wearing them!  I'm so happy I get to be their mama!

Watching: Old ER episodes!  Since I had Annie I started with season 1 episode 1, and now I'm just finishing up the 11th season (there's 15 total!) so I'm sure by the fall I'll have watched all 15...and then probably start over again.  Gosh I'm lame.  But I sure love this show!

Needing: to figure out what the heck is going on with this girl!  She has been asking for undies a lot lately and even went pee on the potty the other day!  However she's had her fair share of accidents (#1s) in undies too so who freaking knows what's going on.  But this is like 9+ months earlier than Patrick showed ANY interest in potty training, so we'll see where it goes from here!  I'm not pushing her at all and letting her lead, but if she continues to ask for undies I'll keep putting them on her!

Wearing: My mom uniform: nursing tank and the most comfortably soft shorts (like pajama material) I found recently at Target.  It's gonna be a rude awakening in a couple weeks when I'm back at work and actually having to wear real clothes.  UGH.

Following: This tutorial -- I finally figured out how to get my Lightroom presets from my computer onto the Lightroom mobile app on my phone, so I can apply my favorite Tribe Archipelago presets now ON THE GO on my iPhone snaps...like the one above!  I'm probably too excited about this and shouldn't be.  Haha!

Noticing: How freaking fast Annie is growing up.  Girlfriend can roll back to front and front to back no problem now, sleeping on her belly, working on sitting up, and sized up to size 2 Applecheeks.  Gosh she really is growing up SO FAST.  Cannot believe a week from Monday she'll be 6 months old.  Time FLIES.

Feeling: like I may be taking the Scooter humiliation to a new level, but whatevs.  A year+ of him wearing the girls June & January clothes and every picture he seems to get more and more pissed at me and I just laugh more and more at it.  HEHEHEHE.  Sorry Scoots.  I can't resist.

Admiring: How proud Patrick is with his harvest in his little garden {pots} out back.  He's growing cherry tomatoes, peppers, and a bunch of other stuff that I can't remember right now but he's obsessed with watering his plants and picking his veggies off and eating them right away!  Totally his dad's (and grandpa's) kid.

Sorting: {about to} the laundry that just finished in the dryer and then shortly after the diapers when they're dry and the dishes when the dishwasher is done.  When the kids go to bed mom here gets stuff done!  WOOT!

Buying: A few more cloth diaper inserts for Annie's size 2 diapers that she's just sized up into.  I had a few new covers that didn't have inserts (probably cause Rosie's using them) so I needed a few more so Annie can wear matching dipes with Rosie...like Rosie's favorite MINGO (flamingo) diaper!

Getting: organized for hopefully a contractor to come check out our basement to see how much it'd cost to finish off our storage room into a bedroom and convert the half bath into a full.  Fingers crossed it's doable, not too much of a hassle, and doesn't cost us an arm or a leg.  Actually cross your fingers and toes crossed for that, okay?!

Bookmarking: A few templates from Squijoo (thanks for the tip Tiff!) that I'm going to use for a fall Pics & Paws newsletter and other things.  I actually just redid my pricing sheets using these and I'm loooooving how professional they look now!  WOOT!

Disliking: This awfulllllll weather that's plaguing STL lately.  It.is.so.hot.  Ick city.  I just hate it.  As soon as school starts I'm over summer and I want fall and that cool crisp weather ASAP.  This week is making me want that A LOT.

Feeling: Alllll the feels lately that my biggest babe is starting his last year of preschool and really isn't a little toddler anymore but a big kid who is just amazing and incredible and so smart and kind and compassionate and I'm just so proud of him.  I hate how fast he's growing up but I am loving watching him grow and learn new things every single day.

Snacking: Still thinking about making some buffalo chicken dip but I found my way into a bag of Twizzlers to hold me over for a bit.  Jeez, breastfeeding and pumping hunger is NO joke. 

Coveting: Time with friends.  I feel like I've spent so much time with my kiddos this summer that I'm craving some girl time...so I cannot wait for a few of my buddies and my's little impromptu 24 getaway in a few weeks!  WOOT!!  That will be much needed.

Hearing: The end credits (what good timing!) to the ER episode I'm watching and that's my cue to wrap up this post and sign off.  I hope you enjoyed this little taking stock tid bit update from yours truly...we have our last 'dogs with the cops' date tomorrow after some pool time and then not much else going on this weekend besides lots and lots of picture taking for me and playtime for my kiddos!  Have a great one friends!

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