Buddies at the Wall

As I'm winding down my summer (boo-freaking-hoo) I'm trying to tick off things that I wanted to do this summer before I go back to school.

One of them was to hit up this wall in downtown STL that is colorful and awesome that a Facebook friend posted about and I have been dying to check out.

Welp, this morning, despite someone upset that her donuts this morning didn't have any sprinkles on it, she perked up when I told her that we were going to take Princess Rosie on an adventure for some pictures and she got to wear a new dress and then if she was good for pics we'd go get a special princess lunch.

We called our buddies over at Camp Polan (Moffat + Polan kiddos) and we headed downtown to STL to find this magical wall!

Welp, it turned out to be exactly where internet friend said it was and OMG how fun is it?!  It's actually just a small alley wall near SLU/the Fox, but it was PERFECT for pics so so herded the kids in front of it and snap snap snap away I went!

We had a blast.  The kids were SO great and I love all of their posings they did!

We only had one casualty -- Annie, bless that little butterball, just slumps over like a wet noodle when she is sat up (still working on that!) and despite having a spotter RIGHT THERE girlfriend took a little tumble and scratched her face.  Woops.

See?!  Oops.  It really isn't THAT bad, just a few scratches once the redness went down.  And she cried for not even 10 seconds and was happy as can be then...but we decided to table her participation for future pictures, naturally.  Gosh I'll be SO HAPPY when she can sit up on her own!

We had a little snack break in the back of the van (read: Annie needed to eat), snapped a few selfies, and then off to reward these little smilers with some lunch!

Clearly everyone, especially Emma, was thrilled with my picture onslaught even at lunch :) But the kids had their own table for lunch and us older friends got to enjoy some chow before the kids decided they were DONE and wanted to vacate.  Haha!  We did last almost an hour there so tiny victories, right?!

Anyways, we had a super fun morning at the wall with our buddies and made some great memories and took some awesome pics!  Have a great week friends!

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