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I first have to start off this post with a wittle shoutout to myself...humblebrag I guess?  Whatever.  I write a blog post for Gugu Guru and it got posted today on their blog!  Neato, huh?!  I wrote about my top 5 tips and tricks for photographing your kiddos.  Anyways, link is below if you wanna check it out :)

Okay!  So, what else is new?  Well, not much...I am trying to savor my last few weeks of summer before I go back to work August 1st.  I'll essentially have had about 6 months off, minus a few week stent of working back in May, so I'm sure it's gonna be HARD to go back.  Ugh.  But I am excited for Patrick to start his last year of preschool and Rosie to start her first in the 2s class!  Plus, I love fall and hope it comes soon once school starts (cause I'm so over summer by then if I'm back working!) and that means lots and lots of snappin'!

I've actually been incredibly busy lately -- like at least a photoshoot a day busy.  That's good, right?!  I had a corporate shoot today for headshots that went really well, so I can add that to my list of services I offer.  I've also had several newborns lately (check out here and here) and probably my most favorite maternity shoot to date (here).  My calendar is BOOKED up through July and into August and I'm kinda loving it!  I'm way busier than I've ever been but it's good and I really REALLY love it and love snapping.  Maybe one day this'll be my full time gig!


With that said, I had someone custom-make me some new branding and a new watermark and I'm loooooving it!  I snapped a few pics of Annie and Scoots to show it off and I'm also really loving how those pics turned out with my new watermark!  How cute is the little paw print on it?!  Anyways, if you are interested in having any custom graphic work done, give this gal a shout -- she is AWESOME.

We are actually doing a big Mooney family weekend at the lake this weekend, but Patrick and Rosie are currently livin' it up at their favorite lake house with KiKi for a few days.  Gosh these kids are spoiled.  I want their life!  Everyone needs an Aunt KiKi.

With the big kids gone Mike and I have gotten to go on two food dates with just Annie!  Gosh it's easy just taking her out without her crazy sister and brother!  Haha!  We had dinner with cousin Cole (and his parents and my other cousin and her hubby and kiddo) last night and then had lunch today with the TinySuperheroes volunteer crew and Annie's boyfriend Sheldon.  That girl is such a good food dater -- she is just happy and loves staring down everyone while they're eating.

Speaking of Annie, Miss Double Chin turned 23 weeks old on Tuesday and is just the happiest most chill little cucumber we could ask for!  Still a great sleeper and eater and has ankle rolls that are to die for.

And since Annie is the only one home now I thought I'd dump some adorable pictures of her on you from the past couple days.  It's ridiculous how many pics of my kids I have on my phone and I feel like if I don't toss them in this here blog they're just gonna disappear and I'd hate for that to happen!  Haha, so enjoy my chunky roll-filled little bebe.

I'll wrap up this post with a crazy backseat car pic (calm down, I was in the driveway), picture of Patrick in his favorite (and my favorite too!) taco jammies, and Rosie eating her pizza the best way possible: cheese only.  Have a great one friends!

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