3 Little Pumpkins

Laugh with me for a second at that ^^^.  My dad needed a picture of the kids with pumpkins for something at his work and honestly, this gem takes the cake.  Shockingly my children have great cases of Photographer's Children Syndrome lately and are not cooperative for pics.  But whatevs, cause these pics are way better than 3 cheesy smiling grins, right?! RIGHT.  Memories friends.

We did get a few other ones, but that first one takes the cake!  I love the candidity of it and how freaking real life accurate it is.  Ahhhh, my three little pumpkins, how I love you so!

Last weekend I had 11 mini-sessions (see here!) and oh boy what fun they were!  I think cause I've been snapping SO MUCH lately I wasn't nearly as tired or sore the next day from snapping as I usually am!

Also probably helped that I wasn't 6 months pregnant this fall like I was last fall when I did fall minis!  Haha!  It's SO MUCH EASIER doing them not pregnant and not 10+ in a row like I use to.  I love how I do it now with 6 in the morning and 5 or 6 in the late afternoon.  I won't be going back to all of them back to back anytime soon.

Just a random snap of Scoots in the path from this past weekend.  I am soooo loving the way the path looks this time of the year -- it's really making my twilight mini sessions pop with the green and fall colors!! GAH!  I LOVE FALL.

Since Mike had to work this past weekend and I had a marathon of minis, the big kids got to hang at the lake with KiKi and Annie Banannie got to hang with us!  I think she likes having her some one-on-one time, but also REALLY misses her big bro and sis when they're gone too.  Cause as soon as they got back she lit up like a Christmas tree and was SO EXCITED to see them!!

We did a quick test run of the kiddos Halloween costumes the other night and phew, they all fit!  Thank the good Lord above!  Patrick is a knight riding dragon who protects Princess Rosie's castle, and Annie is a banana.  Just this little teaser snap for you; more to come on actual Halloween when I pull out my big camera for some better snaps :)

Annie also graduated to a convertible car seat this past weekend and she is quite jolly about it.  Her pumpkin seat was just getting too heavy and bulky to carry with her in it so buh-bye, it's retired until #4 comes along and she's in this convertible seat until she's at least 2.  Woot.

I'll end this post with some adorable snaps of my little pumpkins showing off some school work, showing off some pictures our new neighbor drew for them, and looking oh-so-happy in the bathtub after a hard day playing at school and with daddy.

That's about all I've got for you today for this nice and early post!  Have a good one friends!!

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