Girls' Weekend 2017

Ahhh, another amazingly awesome and wonderful and oh-so-relaxing Girls' Weekend has come and gone.

I mean, I can't spill TOO MUCH, cause, after all, what happens at Girls' Weekend stays at Girls' Weekend...but I'll share a few pics and such with you for documentation sake's purposes :)

We had 9 of my best girlfriends go with us this past weekend.  My amazing Aunt Kate vacated her house for the weekend (and she and my mom actually took Patrick on a state park it kinda worked out perfectly!!!) and we all brought more stuff than an individual gone for 36 hours should.  Seriously, I had like 6 bags of stuff!! CRAZY!

We decided to do paper products and obviously brought all of our own food to cook so that took up a large part of our stuff we brought...and so did the vino.  My oh my, so much vino was consumed!  Ha!

Ann is super crafty and had these awesome monogrammed stemless wine glasses made for us and they were the perfect accessory for our beverages all weekend long!  Seriously, I love mine so much it'll probably be my permanent wine consuming glass!

We seriously could not have asked for better weather!  We joked all day on Saturday, as we sat outside in the gorgeous air next to the lake, that we were at a winery.  And truly, it was probably better than a real winery because it was free and we had a nice bathroom accessible and no one judged us for being in our sweats!  Haha!  But for real, how pretty is Kate's view?!  Just gorgeous!!

We had to do some group shots, naturally...and the sunset made for the most perfect backdrop!  Seriously, SO FUN.

Remember last years' pic?! ^^

Welp, I recreated it this year ^^ because I am most definitely not pregnant and much enjoyed my vino consumption this past weekend.  Haha!!

It truly was a blast.  We chatted about everything and nothing all at the same time, ate, ate, and ate some more, drank, crafted, played games, and just relaxed. GAHHHH!  Simply the best.  I look forward to this adventure every single year and I'm already looking forward to next year's!!

And that's what I brought home after 36 hours away...a lot of milk!  Haha!  I thought it'd all fit in my giant water bottle but no dice.  Guess I made more than I thought I would!  And would you believe me if I said I'm trying to slow down and eventually start weaning myself off of the pump.  I am.  Truly!

Anyways, a wonderful weekend indeed...complete witha . new wood door sign for our entry way!  I love craft time!

So, that's about as PG and detailed as I'm gonna get with my Girls' Weekend recap :)  Some things are best left to stay in my head and out of a I'm gonna keep it like that for the majority of my weekend shenanigans!  HAHA!

Have a good one friends!!

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