School Pictures!

Last year around this time I posted all about Patrick's 1st school picture and today these gems showed up -- Rosie's first school picture in the 2s class and Patrick's last preschool pic in the 4s class!

First off, I looooooove that they match in their Mitz rainbows -- which looks so good against that blue backdrop!  Patrick's genuine smile just slays me!  And Rosie's fake looking up smile, complete with cat ears, is cracking me up!  Of course I just HAD to buy these...even at $20 a digital.  EEKKK.  But I'm going to get them printed in 8x10 for the grandparents and also little wallet sizes for them to hand out to family.  Gonna be so cute.

And since I am a sucker for comparison snaps, here's Patrick's preschool year 3 and year 4 pics!  Gosh he's grown up so much in just a year!  Cannot wait to watch these keep growing and Rosie's too!!

Gah! I could just squeeze him!  Such a handsome dude.

Have a great one friends!!

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